VIDEO: Hollins says "The Onus is on Us"

OCT. 15 -- Linebacker/Defensive End Deon Hollins repeats again that the team might have been tight because of expectations and is looser now...

Deon Hollins talked to us during Cal week.

On where he thnks he's at:
I need to stay lower. So far this year, the linebackers have graded out pretty well. But the small things, the small technique things.

On defending the run:
We just need to fit it up right. Guys are out of their gaps. If one guys out of his gap, they get a five-yard gain.

On facing running quarterbacks:
The onus is on us to play smarter. Be more efficient. Running quarterbacks do present a big challenge.

On facing Jared Goff, who's not a runner:
That changes our mindset a tad. They also have a guy coming off the bench who can run it. Goff isn't a stagnant guy, he can move around. With the running quarterbacks, when we stay square, I don't think we have very many problems.

On if Cal will use Luke Rubenzer more:
Absolutely. It messed us up in the Utah game. We'll be prepared and won't be surprised.

On what Mora said after the game:
Just get back to it. I feel in the week's coming up, we can't play uptight. I don't think we've played to our standards or to our abilities. His message was get back to what we're doing and have fun.

On if they're relieved from some of the early season pressure:
I wouldn't say relieved, it's just more of a mindset change. It's more of a go out and have fun, instead of worrying about the expectations. Just getting back to us has been real important.

On if the team is looser:
I think so. We came out today and ran around and had a lot of fun.

On the adjustment to playing defensive end more:
I really had a freedom to stand up against Oregon, but I feel I have more explosion. Technical, when you stand up, your mindset is more freelance.

On struggles against the run:
I wouldn't say we're exposed. Just playing in our gaps more. A lot of time in our film, we see a guy that if he misses it makes it hard for everyone else. This week its more everyone stay squared and trust the guy next to you.

On why they haven't executed that:
I really don't know honestly. I think it's a technical thing. We're not running to the ball. Things like that, small things.

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