VIDEO: Mazzone on California

OCT. 15 -- Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about the improvement of Cal's defense and how long he's known the staff...

On the Cal defense:
I worked with Art (Kaufman) for eight years at Ole Miss. Aggressive. Not the same group as last year. He likes to get guys running to the line of scrimmage, running to the football. He plays a lot of guys. He mixes it up on you.

On what Washington's offense did to Cal:
They did a nice job on them. Ran the ball well, made some big plays on them. Its offense. To me its like the same thing, if you put the game plan together, some work, some don't, but it always comes down to us. That's where I think Washington did a good job. They were efficient there.

On Cal's pass rush:
Bull rush, physical guys. I've known Sonny. His dad was the defensive coordinator when I was playing in college and he was probably a third grader. When he was at Kentucky and Louisiana Tech, he's built good programs. He's starting to recruit the guys he needs. They're going to try and keep Brett in the pocket.

On his relationship with Sonny Dykes:
I run in to him all the time. Last time I saw him, I ran into him on the streets of Manhattan Beach. I've known Sonny for along time, he and his family. His dad is a stud. Spike Dykes is awesome. Great family.

On the difference in Cal from last year:
They're very explosive on offense. I've known Tony Franklin for a long time too. They do a great job of moving the ball offensively. His defense from last year is going the direction you want it to go when you're building a program.

On if things that worked against Oregon will work against Cal:
We've been moving Brett around in the pocket and he's doing a better job of getting himself out of the pocket. There are some things that are coming together.

On if outside the pocket is good in their offense:
It's not really built that way, but yes. It's like the changeup pitch, its fastball, fastball, then you have that in your repoitoire.

On Hundley with the read option:
I thought he did a nice job. I thought Paul did a nice job too. The O-Line did a nice job too. Conor went in and did a really nice job. Kenny Lacy, Scott, Caleb, they're starting to get games under their belt and feeling more comfortable with what they're doing. Brett and the backs have been doing it. But the offensive line is more comfortable with what they're doing.

On if he's been hesitant to go to it more:
We kind of had it. It's like everything, you throw some stuff out on the table. The first part of the game, you see if its giving issues. If something is working, I run it until they show they can stop it. Make them adjust. In the second half, our zone was working because of what Brett was doing in the power read.

On if they'll run Hundley less with Perkins' ascent:
I don't know. It's on how it plays out. There were 10 sacks last week, so how do you protect that situation. So Brett runs the ball and it takes the pressure off the offensive line.

On Myles Jack in the offense:
There is always a package every week for Myles. Some of it depends on the course of the game, and how tired he is. We always have packages for Myles and Eddie. In retrospect, you wonder if you should use it more or less.

On when they'll use Eddie Vanderdoes in the zone read:
Just so you know, that play is called Panda because they call Eddie "Kung Fu Panda" so that's the play.

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