VIDEO: Mora on Thursday

OCT. 16 -- Head coach Jim Mora talks about Simon Goines and the rest of the offensive line...

Opening statement:
It's been a good week so far. I like their spirit and attitude, I love the way they work. I say the same things, but its about going out there on Saturday and putting it together.

On what Cal has changed up from last year:
I don't think they've changed anything. Years in the program, years in the system, understanding it. A quarterback who is more developed. They've always had good skill players, their offensive line is doing a good job. It's comfort level. I'm not there so I'm speculating on film.

On getting Cal out of rhythm:
A lot of things, you have to change it up on them. I always thought you don't show your coverage or your hand until the quarterback has it in his hand. The way they pass, it's tough to get pressure on them, so you have to find ways to make the quarterback feel uncomfortable and then you try to throw off the receivers timing. You try to get them in 2nd and long and 3rd and long and stop the run.

On the game in Berkeley two years ago:
I don't look back at games two years old.

On if Cal has the best set of receivers they'll face:
I don't know. I don't think of life that way, I don't compare one set to another. I just know they have good receivers.

On how Simon Goines looks:
Excellent, he's had a good week of practice. A good week of practice.

On if Alex Redmond is a game time decision:
Yeah. He was sick yesterday with the flu, so he missed that days work. But he was back out here today.

On if the offensive line will be the same as last week:
You can anticipate whatever you want. Tune in at 12:41 pm PST and see who is out there.

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