VIDEO: Brendel on Inconsistent Pass Pro

OCT. 17 -- Center Jake Brendel talked about how the offensive line has been inconsistent in pass protection from game to game...

Jake Brendel answered questions during Cal week.

On what improved in run blocking to help Paul Perkins:
I just feel like the guys are working together a little better. We're all officially on the same page. We're getting comfortable working together. When we know what the guy next to us is doing, our job gets easier.

On Paul Perkins performance:
He's a really great running back and I put all my trust in him and that he'll get all the yards he can.

On Conor McDermott:
He's a solid guy. He's a technician. He relies on his technique. When he first came in here, he was skinnier. He's working a lot, day in and day out.

On Kenny Lacy:
Kenny Lacy is a long guy. He's got long arms and tall and he has those natural attributes. He's a solid player.

On if Lacy is more comfortable:
The reps are going to do that to you. When you can get a lot of reps. It's nice to have him over there.

On if they have to take a breath and restart:
We never really relax. Especially on the offensive line. We're always full speed. It is like hitting the reset button though and regroup and make sure there are no internal conflicts before we worry about others.

On responding last year after two losses:
It's never a good thing to lose two in a row. I guess in a way, that could help us. With certain people who weren't here, could have an idea.

On preventing a game like Utah:
We just come out here each day in practice, make sure we don't coast through drills, go full speed all the time.

On how much Utah helped in pass protection:
It didn't really help us but exposed areas we need to work on. We came out here and corrected those things.

On if the mindset is different:
I don't think so. We're always out here to win. We don't look ahead that often. Even with what's happened, we're still out here preparing for a win.

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