VIDEO: Kendricks on Cal's Offense

OCT. 17 -- Linebacker Eric Kendricks talked about the special challenges of facing Cal, and how gap assignments were an issue again against Oregon...

Eric Kendricks answered questions from the media during Cal week.

On Cal's offense:
They have a lot of great athletes, a great receiving corps, some fast running backs and they can run routes too.

On having the change their prep going against more of a passing team:
We still expect teams to run the ball on us.

On if his family does anything on different with his brother having played at Cal:
My brother has a bye week, so he's coming out and will probably be on the Cal sideline. We'll have a lot of family coming up.

On if he and his brother talked this week:
The week is still early.

On gap assignment:
It starts in film and coming through walk-throughs and taking it seriously. Even if you know the ball is away, holding your gap a little longer.

On if that was an issue against Oregon:
In the 3rd quarter, people were trying to do too much instead of popping their gaps.

On why it's been a season long issue:
Since I started playing in sixth grade, there have always been gaps. Offenses try to expose that and we have to stop that.

On preparing for a team like Cal:
You have to change your mindset a little bit as far as running to the ball. From a schmatic standpoint, it's in the gameplan and making adjustments.

On UCLA's struggles at Cal:
We need to come out fast and hard and have fun out there.

On if they're less tight:
I would say it was an element in the past. Now we're trying to get back to our style.

On if the mood has changed after the two losses:
We let it hurt for 24 hours and then got back to it.

On Jared Goff:
He's not as mobile as Mariota but he will pull it and they also have another quarterback who will run it. Our aggression will be a little different and adjusted.

On how long the loss to Oregon lingered:
We let it hurt, watched the film and learned from it. Then you let it go and learn from it.

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