Which State Produces The Most NFL Players?

OCT. 17 -- The NFL is full of physical, athletic freaks, so it's worth wondering what state produces the most of these athletic marvels...

California has produced the most players in the NFL followed by Florida, Texas, Georgia and Ohio. In fact, those five states account for just under 45% of all current NFL players.

But what state has the highest per capita rating? Hint - it's not one of the five mentioned above.

The Answer

Louisiana earns the top spot with a per capita score of 16.16. As I wrote back in May, when I looked at the NFL Draft numbers and where these prospects were coming from, I firmly believe that this number would be higher if it were not for Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Thousands in the Bayou State were displaced and moved to neighboring states like Texas, Mississippi and Alabama. Just the city of New Orleans alone is 29% smaller in population than prior to 2005.

The state of South Carolina has produced the highest number of NFL draft picks [14.26 per capita], has a population of 4.77 million and also produced 68 current NFL players. Rounding out the top 12 on a per capita score basis are Montana (9.9), Texas (8.93), Hawaii (8.71), Ohio (8.62), New Jersey (8.24) and Nebraska (7.53).

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