VIDEO: Mora After Cal

OCT. 18 -- Coach Jim Mora talked about the Marcos Rios interception and the Bruins' resilience to beat the Bears...

On Trevor Davis:
Before I talk about the game I just want to say that UCLA’s prayers are with Trevor Davis and hopefully the young man is OK. I saw him moving his feet and he gave a thumbs up. There’s nothing better than seeing that. You just hate to see someone go down and when they bring the cart out it just puts everything in perspective. These are kids playing the game that they love and hopefully that young man is OK. UCLA is thinking about him.

On the game:
We overcame three turnovers on the road to win a game in a place where UCLA hasn’t won since 1998. That’s a heck of a team. I think Goff is a big-time player. He’s got everything you want in a big-time player. They’ve got tremendous skill position players, and we just came out with a win. They’ll be those that say we only beat them by two, but to overcome the disappointment we’ve suffered the last two weeks, losses. To come into an environment where UCLA has struggled, overcome three turnovers and the back-and-forth to get a win, that’s something that you build on. When you are trying to build a program and trying to create a culture, it’s never going to be smooth sailing, especially when you are trying to do it as drastic as we are. This is a young team. There are six scholarship seniors on this team. Every time we get in a game like this and we win it, it just adds to what we’re going to be in the future.

On the offense:
We had 567 yards, that’s pretty good. I felt like we had things going pretty well on offense and then we would turn it over. It’s kind of uncharacteristic for us to turn it over the way we have. We’ve been a pretty decent team taking care of the football and all three of the turnovers gave them the ball in plus territory and they resulted in touchdowns. So, once again, you don’t see it very often where you overcome three turnovers on the road and still get a win. To me, it just speaks to what these guys have become. We are far from perfect but there is grit that is building and when you get that, that’s the culture you want, a toughness, never quit, never say die, never give in, never give up. This is a long-term deal.

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