VIDEO: Ulbrich Talks Defense

OCT. 18 -- The UCLA defensive coordinator, Jeff Ulbrich, talked about Marcus Rios and stopping Cal at the end...

On the pass rush:
Yeah, they did pretty good. The defensive line did well. Owa, I felt like he was consistently getting to the quarterback. Our interior line, Kenny Clark, Eddie Vanderdoes, they did a really good job. Deon Hollins of course. And it was awesome to see Tak get the opportunity for more reps and let everyone see what we've been so excited about.

On if they forced Cal's offense to adjust with early sacks:
I hope so. You'll have to ask their offense about that. But especially the fact we brought three, when you don't typically get pressure, we were able to get to the quarterback.

On the speed up front:
It never hurts when you have a guy like Tak. He's a unique, special kid, on and off the field. He's a kid that is so humble who's been through so much in life. Hopefully, the more success he has, the more people will understand where he comes from, what he's been through and what he's overcome. He's an amazing kid. It's just exciting to get a guy like that to join us.

On moving Owa inside:
Just trying to get our four best pass rushers on the field. Putting Owa inside allows us to get Deon and Tak outside to rush. At the end of the day, that's what we're trying to do, get our best 11 on the field.

On if they'll do that more moving forward:
Yeah, depending on the situation. And I think Tak is starting to play the run as well as the pass and the more he does that, the more we'll keep him in there.

On Marcus Rios' interception:
It was awesome. A year ago, this kid is battling for his life. That's no exaggeration. He was battling for his life. I remember when he had just got out of the hospital, he's 135, 140 pounds and to think how far he's come and what he's overcome and for him to have the opportunity to seal the win for us was very cool.

On if he thought they'd test Rios:
We're always ready for that. It was one of these situations, they needed a field goal to win, so I wasn't certain they would go back outside, I thought they would go with something more short or intermediate route to get in to field goal range. But they took their shot and he made a fantastic play.

On having to get the defense ready after Trevor Davis' injury:
We try to keep them in to the game. Give them an understanding of the situation we're in, but at the same time, give the respect that the young man deserves. You never want to see that, you never celebrate that. Football is a violent game and unfortunately injuries like that happen some time. I wish him and his family the best, I really do.

On defending a short field after turnovers:
We have to relish those opportunities and get in front of those situations. Great defenses thrive in those situations.

On the pass interference calls:
I'd have to watch the film. Honestly, it's a little frustrating from that standpoint. I don't know what they see or don't see. We can't control the officials or the calls.

On the way they won:
It's good. At the end of the day, it's not about me, it's really about these kids. And for them, to have a little success. And an opportunity for them to put on full display all their hard work and what they've invested so it was cool for them to get a little pay off here.

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