VIDEO: Klemm Talks New Look O-Line

OCT. 19 -- The UCLA offensive line coach, Adrian Klemm, talked about Conor McDermott and the rest of the offensive line...

On the new look offensive line:
They did good. We know what Conor is capable of, but we were trying to protect him and have success and he was able to do that. He was comfortable at his position. That was the group we were working with during the spring and hopefully we can do that throughout the season.

On McDermott's shoulder holding up:
That was my main concern going in to the game. I wasn't worried about him doing his assignments, it's like having a blank board. Going in to this game, I don't know if you realized, he'd only played 22 offensive snaps in his entire life, so there is not like there is a lot to clean up bad habits wise. If he makes a mistake, he's going to learn from it. There is a reason for everything he does. He said he felt fine and we'll continue to see how it goes. When Alex Redmond comes back, guys will have to earn the position. I'd like to have some continuity, we haven't had that for a few years. But Conor has been a big piece. What he can do with how much he can handle will determine who we have out there.

On the line with Bunche inside:
It gives us a lot of push inside. We've run the ball well the last few weeks. This week we could run the ball down the threats. Having him inside, he's a big figure. It changed everything when we moved him inside and Scott Quessenberry has been playing his best ball for us the past two weeks.

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