VIDEO: Hundley After Cal

OCT. 18 -- UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley talked about the offense, the turnovers and getting a win in Berkeley...

On if it was a must-win game:
We just had to come out with a win, basically. That’s what we did today. It was a hard-fought battle, but we had to. Everything that happened – we had to win. We don’t put excess pressure on ourselves, but the harsh reality is we are 5-2. That’s good, but we still had stuff in front of us that we could get to. If we win out and do what we’re supposed to do, we can still get to the Pac-12 Championship. As long as we’re winning games, everything will be fine.

On the need to continue to play until the last down:
The team will always know that. Every game for us is something that we prepare for and understand that we have to win. Next week is Colorado. We’ll get started on that. That’s another must-win. We’re going on the road again and we have to come out with a victory.

On the interception:
We ran that play a few times, but I think I just put it behind him a bit, and the corner made a great play. The window of opportunity was there. Obviously it just got a little bit behind him.

On Cal:
They’re a great team. They were battling a lot of injuries in their secondary. They were playing off the whole night and didn’t try to give up anything deep. They did a great job of that. They made us take underneath routes and quick-hitters. At the same time, we put points on the board. They played a great game.

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