VIDEO: Mazzone After Cal

OCT. 19 -- The UCLA offensive coordinator, Noel Mazzone, talked about the offensive line, the screen passes and more...

On the screen passes:
It was mostly on our third down packages. Our first one we called on third down, Scotty went the wrong way, but that was in our game plan to throw some of those. I was happy with the way we ran the football. Brett distrubuted the ball to a bunch of different guys. Obviously, our defense did a great job because we gave them three turnovers in plus territory, which is not good. We have to protect the football.

On losing Paul Perkins:
I don't know what's wrong with him. Did he go out? You know who I was really proud of? Jordon James. Jordon came in and really gave us some tough yards, and made a great run to score and caught a couple of screen plays and made some plays for us. I thought he really did a great job.

On if turnovers coming on making plays or making something happen are acceptable:
No. No. I would love to have that theory, but they just kill you. We started the drive on the 1-foot line and were driving it and were in a good rhythm and they got us in a third and long and that kid made a great play on the football. He threw it a little behind Jordan and the kid made a great play on it. Stuff happens. The ones that can't happen are the fumbles. We have to hold on to it. And that's very uncharacteristic of both Paul and Brett.

On Mossi Johnson:
I love that guy. We lost Duarte the first quarter so our first thought was put Jordan in there, but then we decided to put Mossi in there and he's a football player, he's tough, runs well with the ball in his hands. I'm excited about all of the receivers.

On what he thought of the new look offensive line:
I don't know, it changes every quarter. But yeah, the more those kids play together. At times there is a redshirt freshman, two sophomores and another redshirt freshman out there. That's a young group. The more and more I think through the season that has progressed the most is that group. From where we were, we're able to run the ball effectively.

On Conor McDermott:
It allows us to move Malcolm inside which is his natural position. Conor got thrown in to the fire last week and I thought he did a really good job.

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