VIDEO: Kendricks Talks Win

OCT. 19 -- The UCLA senior linebacker, Eric Kendricks, talked about his sack and the defense holding on for the win...

On if they escaped:
That was a hard-fought win. We’ll take what we can get. We worked hard and had fun. Things happen on the football field, but we prevailed and we stuck together.

On the review of the interception:
Oh we knew he caught it. I saw it and was right behind him. All of us knew. Things happen, but we knew he caught it.

On defending a short field after turnovers:
Yeah, be we've got to find a way to get field goals out of those drive and not let them score so easily. We can't respond how we did.

On getting it turned around with a win:
It was extremely important. We took this game very seriously and we went back to having fun this week. It was a hard fought win.

On what he means by getting back to the fun:
We got wrapped up in the hype and lost two in a row and that put a damper on our team, so we went back and had fun. As long as we're doing our assignments, we'll have fun.

On if they realized the importance of their defensive stop:
Like I said, it was a crucial part of the game, and the defense wouldn't want anyone else on the field but us. I'm glad we could get a stop right there.

On the pass rush:
We were getting to the quarterback a lot more. Sometime we lost contain, but our pass rush was coming home a little bit.

On his sack:
That was my first sack in a little while.

On Tak McKinley:
He's a true pass rusher and having him out on the edge is vital for rushing the quarterback. There were a couple of times I felt he got held.

On moving Owa inside to the 3-tech:
He's strong and good at holding the gaps and whenever we can have a guy like that in there, we can push the pocket and get to the quarterback.

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