VIDEO: Payton on Cal, Colorado

OCT. 20 -- The wide receiver, Jordan Payton, talked about how the receivers group did against Cal, matching up against Colorado, and an old rival...

Jordan Payton talked Monday to the media.

On Cal taking the deep ball away:
Every week you go with the mindset to take what they give us. They played to take the deep ball away. The whole stadium saw that. A win is a win. It felt great to win up there, especially how long, 12 years or something, to get over that hump is something special. Especially last time when we were up there when I was a freshman, it was a completely different story. A great game though, and now on to Colorado.

On blocking so much on screens that he got a hold:
I'm still upset about that call. I think that was my first penalty here and my first holding call ever. It's going to happen, it's part of the game. I should have used better technique. In the end, it is what it is. I thought we did a great job as a receiver corps, staying in front and blocking and pushing ourselves as blockers. It felt good as an offense.

On the ref throwing the flag at him:
They told me to throw it back at him. I was like 'wow, he really tried to hit me with his flag.' It's all good, but I still don't feel like it was a holding call.

On still not putting a complete game together besides ASU:
It can be frustrating out there, but you just have to have faith. You can see how good we are and how fast we can score. One drive it was 94-yards in like 28 seconds before half. To try and do something like that in each and every series is something we try to do. I look forward to putting that together against Colorado. They're actually a very good team. I looked at them today.

On turnovers:
We can't fumble the ball or throw interceptions. We can't drop passes. I know that's not a turnover but those are things we can't do and we'll clean it up this week.

On how effective the offense is with tempo and the short passing game:
The offense moves. As you see when we get into rhythm and Paul gets going and we start getting those runs going and start throwing those quick passes. It's a machine that keeps going. As long as we stay efficient, we'll be ok.

On Colorado's Nelson Spruce:
He's haunted me for years. He's been catching those passes. I played safety so I had to gameplan against him. For him, he's always been a phenomenal player. In high school, I used to get so mad playing him because he'd kill us. Im excited to play him and am happy for him and he deserves everything he's doing.

On Colorado's defense:
They're athletic and do a good job. USC played them extremely well last week but they'll try to bounce back this week and be tougher. I know every single week a team is going to bring their A game. It's going to be an exciting game.

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