VIDEO: Hundley on Cleaning Up Mistakes

OCT. 21 -- Quarterback Brett Hundley also talks about going up against defenses that drop eight into coverage...

Brett Hundley talked to the media during Colorado week.

On the Cal game:
I thought the offense played well. They dropped guys deep and basically made us take underneath stuff, which we were fine with. We drove the ball down field every time, but we've got to stop the turnovers.

On turnovers in UCLA territory:
That's just where those happened. I need to stop those, we need to stop those. It gives the defense a shorter field to work with. We don't like turnovers in the first place. But if they happen, we'd rather have them on the far end.

On if taking the deep ball away is something defenses are doing:
Yeah, this year, as explosive as our receivers are, we see a lot of teams drop eight, and max drop. That's what Cal was doing. They did a great job and made us take underneath routes. Teams will make us take 5-6 yard throws to go down field. Oregon did the same. They'll keep three with their four linebackers arounder their run fits but once you drop back to pass, they'll drop everyone.

On if he can't gamble as much:
That's what you start realizing. You also start realizing with no pressure, you have more time in the pocket. When they drop eight, you have to figure out where those windows are, check down and take what the defense gives you.

On if that opens up screen passes:
Yeah, stuff like that, to get the ball down to Paul, have two blockers in front of him, it creates that.

On if that means respect for his arm:
It does in a sense, but we have to be able to run the ball effectively. We've done well at that.

On how much Paul Perkins has opened up the offense:
Huge. When guys have to respect the run game, it opens up those alleys.

On not fumbling much:
Not at all. I don't like placing excuses. I don't fumble a lot. I rarely fumble, but this game, it came out twice. They got it once and Caleb got it. If it's the sleeve, or me just carrying it, I have to get it fixed.

On playing without the brace:
I wanted to get rid of it. Coming off an injury, its a mindset of being where it needs to be.

On readjusting the sleeve:
For practice the last week, I just wore the compression sleeve. I've been trying to adjust back to without the brace.

On the blindside line:
They did really well. Conor is amazing and Malcolm at guard, they look really nice and were playing their butts off.

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