VIDEO: Adams Said "Defense Played Great"

OCT. 21 -- Ishmael Adams talked about how good the defense played against Cal, and opposing teams kicking away from him...

Ishmael Adams talked during Colorado week.

On the Cal game:
There were some opportunities we could have kept from happening, me personally, if I had kept my eyes on the right spot. There were some plays I could have made. Some third and fourth down stops. We played great as a team. We did what we needed to do on the run. We did what we had to do. The secondary stepped up great. There were some plays out there we should have made. We have to keep controlling and working on our technique. At the end of the day, when we needed a play, you saw Marcos Rios make that play. It was a blessing, seeing Marcus make that play.

On Rios' interception:
I was very happy. We both had seams coming our way and the ball went over my head. I looked at Marcus and he was on top so all he had to do was catch the ball. It was fun watching him make that play and I was happy for him.

On if he thought it was a catch:
For sure. I thought it was a catch right away. Right when I had seen it, I knew he had it in his possession and it came down to his feet and they saw what I did.

On Jared Goff:
He did a good job keeping his feet moving in the pocket and getting to his reads, running with his eyes down field and that makes it hard for the secondary. He did a great job of seeing when our backs were turned and getting it down field. He's a good quarterback and it was fun playing against him. It felt like a passing league game with 1925.

On Cal's kickoffs:
It gets annoying, but coach keeps telling me it's the ultimate sign of respect. I'll take it as that. If I get my opportunity, I'll be ready, but I feel like my team will take one back.

On Mossi Johnson's return:
I love seeing my guys in front of me make plays. Like Marcus making a play. Whenever someone makes a play, its a celebration of all of us. It takes all 11. To see Nate make those guys miss and keep going, Jayon Brown trying to move his way through those two guys and getting to the 50-yard line. And Mossi breaking all those tackles, he should have scored it but got tackled by the kicker. Its great seeing all those guys making plays. It feels great that I had a little part of that success. Its a we thing, we're all returners and we all have athletic ability. Its a good time and I feel one is coming.

On if the defense has improved:
I feel like we've greatly improved but even in those short yardage fields, we want to come out with the least amount of possible. I felt I missed at least two plays that would have had us off the field earlier or fewer points on the board. At the end of the day, it's all about the W. It's going to be fun going in to this next game at Colorado. They always play a good game when they're at home.

On the defensive line bringing pressure:
It makes you feel like you're doing what you're supposed to do. We cover and create sacks, no matter how long that is. We can have that ability and athleticism to make that happen. As long as we can keep working hard and keep getting this done, and know our guys up front can make that happen, we have a great front line and great front seven. Even though things haven't turned out how we thought it might be, we want to stay focused with the process and have fun. The last game we had a lot of fun. It was a great game and great opportunity to show things can happen.

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