VIDEO: McClure on McKinley, Owa

OCT. 22 -- Angus McClure talks about Takkarist McKinley's rapid development, Owamagbe Odighizuwa moving inside, and more...

Opening statement:
We're all Giants and its great to have a Bruin in the World Series (Brandon Crawford).

On Owa moving inside:
Owa has a lot of experience playing inside. We felt that we could get good matchups with him playing inside last week. Certainly it added more to the pass rush to have Owa inside with Takkarist and Deon outside and Kenny Clark and Ellis in the middle with Eddie. It was good, we had fresh bodies in there. Cal had a different style with pass protection, which was more vertical set stuff so I needed more guys to get up the field.

On Tak McKinley's development:
He has really done a great job of diving in to the playbook, learning our techniques and he's been practicing extremely hard. He's spent all the hours he's needed to spend to get up to speed with us. Obviously we all know he was way behind the eight ball with preparation, but he's caught up a lot and I thought he did a great job on Saturday. Any D-Lineman, you want to go 40-60 reps, so that's kind of our gauge.

On the depth he's provided:
It's helped us quite a bit. He has some outside pass rush and gives us the ability to move Owa inside. Certainly, in our nickel package he holds up really well in the run. His run technique is outstanding and he continues to improve in that area and he's a big help for us.

On if he's surprised at how quickly McKinley has picked it up:
Yeah, he comes from an outstanding junior college, they ran a different style defense. I remember going back to high school, they ran different styles of scheme from what we run. He's picking up what we're doing. And really the fundamental techniques, he's picked it up really fast. He's spent extra time learning new techniques.

On if he reminds him of someone:
That's a good question. He reminds me of Tak.

On Ellis McCarthy:
Ellis has been steadily improving throughout the year. His conditioning has improved. He's dropped weight which has helped him. He's feeling better and healthy finally. I think you're seeing that on the field. He got more reps, I think he was in the 30's. His pass rush was outstanding. He had a sack fumble, which was great to see and he held up on the run. So Ellis will continue to get reps in the 30's and 40's.

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