VIDEO: Mazzone on Offensive Development

OCT. 22 -- Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about the development of the offensive line and what he's seen out of Paul Perkins...

On Colorado's defense:
They'll give you a lot different looks. Their backend guys are playing well. They'll give us a challenge.

On Mossi Johnson:
I like him, he really flashed on us last week. TD went down so Mossi got pressed in to service. I thought he came in his a good player instinctive wise, he's tough and I really like where his head is at.

On why he didn't play early:
He's a freshman, and you have Devin Fuller and Thomas Duarte in front of you. It happens a lot with football. Those diamonds in the rough, you don't know about them until you ask them to marry you.

On Paul Perkins pass-catching:
Its good for all our backs. Thats a prerequisite for playing in our style of ball We're not an I-team where its hand it to him, our backs are very involved in our passing game. Johnathan Franklin was pretty good at it, JJ can catch. We've been lucky. When we look at a running back, that's what we look for, to be able to catch the football out of the backfield.

On screen passes with Hundley:
I don't want to give him more runs, he had 95 yards rushing. I think there is a nice balance in there for him. Some of those yards come out of called passes where he's scrambling. That whole thing is set up to make the defense defend these things. Once they defend it, it hopefully opens things up.

On if he'll have a choice of offensive lineman at some point:
It's kind of nice. I told the OLine this yesterday, over the last few weeks, I've seen the biggest progress in our oline play. These kids are starting to get it. Conor did a nice job at tackle and let us slide Malcolm down. I was really happy with their progress.

On limiting turnovers:
It's that thing you don't talk about. Protecting the football is all about the ball. Our group of guys have always done a good job with that, but the last two weeks have hit us. We have to be conscious of. We have to hang on to the football. We always have to preserve the right to punt the football. We have to have that.

On if they've been flukish turnovers:
Both were knocked out by one of his guys. I don't want to talk about that anymore, we're not going to have anymore.

On if Hundley is spreading it around:
Yeah, he's getting more opportunities. We had 11 receivers catch the ball on Saturday. Thats what this offense is kind of based on. The ball spread around to multiple guys. I think he's become more comfortable with the new faces like Mossi and TD, Eldridge. There are still some young guys.

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