VIDEO: McKinley Discusses Cal Performance

OCT. 22 -- Defensive lineman Takkarist McKinley talks about how he felt he did against Cal and how he deals with chop blocks...

Takkarist McKinley talks after practice:

On the Cal game:
I feel like I had a pretty good game. I made some good plays, bad plays, I feel like I had a pretty good game, but I wish I could replay it and make up for the bad plays, but I just have to get on to the next game.

On what he felt he needed to improve on:
I missed some tackles that I could have made in the backfield. Its a whole new level, this is D-I. You have to wrap up. No arm tackling. I missed a couple of those. On the final drive, I had Jared Goff for a sack but I didn't finish. That's what I'm here for, to get sacks. I have to finish better. I felt like I caused a little pressure, but I should have had 2-3 sacks. I have to be the best I can do.

On if the game is slowing down:
Yeah, but the game is pretty fast with all these creative offenses. The coaching staff here, Coach Tui, Coach Angus, Coach Brick, Coach Mora, even some of the players, Owa, Kenny Orjioke, they've been a huge help as well and helped me get adjusted to college.

On if he knew he'd play as much as he did:
I didn't think I'd get that many snaps. I thought I'd go in on third and long. But in my mind, I knew I was going back to the Bay Area, and Cal was running a spread offense. They'd throw it 40-50 times, you'd need some speed to get to the quarterback.

On what he's seen from Colorado:
Colorado's offensive line, I feel like with get off and speed, you can beat them. They're dirty, but with your hands and speed, you can club and rip and beat them with speed. First, we have to stop the run.

On how Colorado is dirty:
Their blocks. They try to chop block you and tear your ACL. To me, that's dirty, to them, that's their job.

On if he's seen that on film:
Yeah. Utah did it a lot as well. Oregon and Cal not too much. Cal, their running backs did it a lot too. We work to the drills every day in practice, so we should know how to prevent that.

On how they counter it:
We work on it a lot in practice, Coach Angus has us doing drills. You have to see it coming and use your hands. There are ways to stop it.

On the importance of stopping the run:
It's very important. You stop the run first, they'll have to pass the ball. Me personally, watching Owa play, he's a freak of nature. Looking at him and looking at me, I feel like a little Owa. He's a fifth year senior, I'm a second year guy, but hopefully when I'm a senior, I'll be as big as Owa and be able to fight these big offensive linemen off. His forearms are as big as my arms. So pad leverage, using your hands, stay in the weight room.

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