VIDEO: Ulbrich on Defensive Wrinkles

OCT. 24 -- Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich talks about the success of the defensive line last week and why they were able to work in more defensive wrinkles...

On Sefo Liufau:
He's only gotten better. He's really good at everything. He's got really good accuracy and has been extremely productive. He leads the nation in a lot of categories and it's telling. He's mobile enough and I think he's a good athlete with a good pocket presence. They've given up the least amount of sacks of a Pac-12 offensive unit, which is saying a lot considering how many reps they get. He's a great challenge for us. We're excited about him.

On the defensive line switches:
They did a really good job. They affected the quarterback, I wouldn't say on every pass play, but pretty much. They were getting in to the backfield and stopped the running game. It was great to see them step up and play at a higher level.

On what the biggest factor in their success was:
I think its just the guys are gaining a better understanding of what we're doing and I think they want to inflict their will a little bit. They're tired of the way it has gone as of late. They're creating change, which is a byproduct of what I see out here, which is pretty cool.

On disguising things:
Cal chucked the ball a little more so they gave you more opportunities to do stuff like that. The more we can first down, which we were better at, we can get teams in to more passing situations where we can do more things. You have to earn the right to do those things, and winning first down is one of them and last week we did.

On if they can do that again against Colorado:
I hope so. I think that our guys are capable, there is no doubt. They're working their butt off in practice and have a great attitude. I'm excited for them to create some momentum.

On taking away a receiver like Nelson Spruce:
Its a little bit of everything. You can tweak your coverages because he's an exceptional receiver and you have to account for him. You can get the matchups you want from a personnel standpoint. At the end of the day, he'll be a great challenge no matter what we do. He's a great route runner, a great feel for coverage and finds those soft spots and when he gets there and the ball is delivered, he's got great hands.

On Jaleel Wadood blitzing more:
He loves to pressure. Sometimes you look at him and say there is no way this guy can blitz, no way this guy can be the 8th man in the box and support the run, but he keeps proving us wrong. For being the size he is, he's extremely physical and a great tackler. He's been a great addition to our group.

On Ellis McCarthy:
He's finally starting to feel healthy. He was dealing with his knee which was a constant hindrance to him and it would limit his reps. And when he doesn't have as many reps as he needs, he's a guy who is an enormous human being and just gets bigger. The fact he gets healthier and has dropped some weight and is in better shape, you're seeing that on Saturday. Just the way he runs around, you can tell. When he starts limping around, you know its bothering him because he's a tough kid. For him to labor as much as he does at some times, you know it hurts. So to see his gait open up, you know he's getting healthier.

On if McCarthy dropping weight helps his knee:
Absolutely. It's all interconnected. No doubt.

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