VIDEO: Mora Succinct on Thursday

Coach Jim Mora talked after practice Thursday about how not to underestimate Colorado...

Opening statement:
OK a good week of practice so far. One more day, tomorrow, and then we'll head out. We'll play a good game. Guys are healthy, they're excited, they're focused in and we're excited for the next challenge.

On how healthy they are:
We're in good shape. Guys are coming back and we're in good shape.

On what Colorado does:
It starts with their quarterback. Last year when we played them, when he was a true freshman, you could see he had a great skill set, stands in the pocket and throws the ball, gets out of the pocket and throws the ball and he can run the ball. That's a challenge. One of the challenges of playing in the Pac-12. I think Coach MacIntyre has done a really good job with that team, they play with a lot of confidence, they tackle well, they play good special teams. We have our work cut out for us and have to play a really good game.

On if Colorado will drop a lot in to coverage:
I'm sure it will be part of their plan. Everyone has that in their plan. We haven't gone through a game where we haven't seen a three-man rush, and we run it ourselves. You mix it up. You mix pressure and mix drops. I'm not sure what their plan is, we'll see as we get going.

On if Alex Redmond will play:
We'll see. Yeah, we'll see.

On if Conor McDermott will play:
We'll see about that too. Has he done enough to stay in the starting lineup? Yes. Will he? We'll see.

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