VIDEO: Jack on D's Performance

OCT. 25 --Linebacker Myles Jack talked about the defense needing to sustain effort to put away teams...

Myles Jack answered questions after the Colorado game.

On the win over Colorado:
I would more say their offense caught a rhythm. We were stopping them. But they caught a rhythm. It was a big game. They caught it and we have to do a better job of stopping it.

On if they were fatigued:
I wouldn't say that. We went to San Bernardino, it's hot and hard to breathe there. It was hard to breathe her, but that wasn't it.

On keeping them to a field goal on the final drive:
We finally did what we were supposed to do. They had to settle for a field goal in overtime, first and second overtime. We had to buckle down. We finally started stopping them. The offensive scored to win the game.

On if they're cutting it close:
I wish we could stop them earlier. Credit to Colorado. They have a great quarterback and great receivers, great running backs. You have to give them credit for what they did.

On showing resiliency but not needing to be in those situations:
We look at it like we shouldn't be in those situations. We were up 17-0 and we should keep going and going. Stopping them on defense. But we end up putting ourselves in these situations where we're in a dogfight. We won the game, that's the bottom line. We'll come up with the answer.

On what direction the season is going:
It's going in a positive direction. We got two wins. Ugly wins, but a win is a win. Two games we should have ran away. Those were great teams, no disrespect, but with the talent we have, we should pull away. Its the way the game unfolded and that's how our season has been. We've been in tight games all season and we have been resilient.

On the penalties:
I would attribute it, there is no real blame, but guys are aggressive. We bring that mentality in to the games and sometime we get in trouble with it. Guys going hard. I wouldn't say foolish penalties, but guys being over aggressive.

On his pick that was called back:
That hurt because I had three almost picks this season and finally I had a nice one so that hurt.

On the fourth down run that Eddie Vanderdoes ran:
I was with it. That's part of the game plan. We can give it to Eddie, to KC, throw to a receiver. I was more a decoy on that play. It happened that they made a play. They were ready to go and knew what we were going to do.

On if there is less room for error:
Definitely, every game we feel its the Super Bowl. We feel we have to win out.

On shooting themselves in the foot:
Yeah, we are and it comes down to us. No outside forces, just us. We were up 17-0 and just let it slide down the drain. It comes down to us as a team. We're a talented team. We show flashes and then we do it to ourselves. When we put a complete game together, that's when people will realize we have a talented team, but until then, we have to show it.

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