VIDEO: Ulbrich On D Against the Buffs

OCT. 25 -- The defensive coordinator talked about how, after a good start, th Colorado's offense got effective...

On Colorado getting rolling:
For whatever the reason, if fatigue set in, or schematically they were ahead of us, we have to be better than that. We have to be better, and finish games stronger.

On if there were missed tackles:
We were trying to get a beat on if they were passing. Calls that maybe structurally weren't the best because we were trying to eliminate the pass game. At the end of the day, I have to call a better game and execute at a higher level.

On the penalties:
I don't know if it sapped momentum, but it was unacceptable. Our guys know that. We pride ourselves on being disciplined and not giving anything away. When you have unnecessary penalties like that, it hurts. Especially on critical third downs when we're getting them off the field.

On how you curtail the penalties:
Keep working at it, keep making an emphasis of it. Its something that is unfortunate and a little disappointing and the players that we have are very conscientious. For example, Owa, that's not in his character at all, to get a late hit. We have to emphasize it and get better at it that way.

On taking their foot off the pedal:
Its something we have to continue to emphasize. When we get into a lead and a situation where we're in control, its part of the maturation process of this team. When the pedal is on and we're successful, keep going and try to bury teams.

On Eric Kendricks:
A phenomenal football player. I was just talking to our guys about that. Hes a guy that if he's not in the Butkus/Lombardi conversation, there is something wrong. He shows up every day, he's devoted to his craft and works his butt off on a daily basis. He's the kind of kid I got into coaching for. He's an absolute stud.

On how much youth has shown:
Maybe a little bit. These are amazing coaching opportunities for our team and our defense. Things these young guys playing can learn and grow from.

On how they develop a killer instinct:
It's something we have to continue to emphasize. I think our guys are starting to identify and we're not finishing how we should finish. We'll get it fixed. At the end of the day, you have to find a way to win. For them to play as well as they did, I was really proud of them.

On playing defense two series in a row in overtime:
Its the reality of the situation so you just go. Obviously we're fatigued but theyre fatigued as well cause their offense was on the field. I thought they did a great job of responding to it. Especially thats our first overtime oppportunity. They handled it like champions. We did win, right? I'm just making sure.

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