VIDEO: Mora After Colorado

OCT. 25 -- Coach Jim Mora talked about his first experience with overtime, the learning experience for the team, but also the need for the team to be able to put away opponents...

Opening comments:
Okay, we wanted to see what overtime felt like. We haven’t had one. You know, keeping it interesting, you know I think that’s kinda who we are right now. Fight and scrap and we are not perfect, got a lot of growing to do but we are resilient and we know how to win on the road. We are 5-0 on the road. We won our first overtime game and there is a lot to improve on as always, that’s about it.

On what has to change over the next few weeks:
You mean winning? Well, we’re 6- 2. So I hope nothing changes. I hope we keep winning. Cause winning is the objective in competitive sports and we won. Now we will go back and evaluate everything but boy I hope nothing changes in terms of the result because I like winning.

On putting teams away:
We’re young. We’re learning. We’re a young team. Like I told you guys last week we have six scholarship seniors. We’re learning how to do things the right way. It’s not always going be a smooth ride. But, we’re winning, we’re 6-2. With this group we are 5-0 on the road. I’ll take that. Here’s what I told the team. We have to find a way when we get a team where we feel like we got them to not, I feel like at times we take a little exhale instead of doing that. I think that has a lot to do with, and I’m not using this as an excuse, this is just what I believe, our youth at times. I think that the three worst words that you can use are ‘I got it’ or ‘I got them’ or ‘we got it’. I think at times we fall into that trap and so the message was to them was, love the resilience love the win but we’ve got to move past that. We’ve got to move past that part of our deal and we will. We’re going to do it. As long as we pile wins while we’re learning how to do that, that’s a good thing.

On stiffer competition upcoming:
Great, we’ll rise up to it like we always do.

On fourth quarter 4th down play:
I thought we could make it. No. 1, it was a yard, we’ve been pretty good with that group. No. 2, if you go up six a touchdown beats you. If you go up three a touchdown beats you. It was about a 38 yarder, right hash into the wind. So I felt like the right thing to do was to go for it right there and unfortunately we didn’t get it.

On limiting penalties:
I’m not going to talk about penalties. I’m not going to talk about penalties. I think there’s things that people need to do with regards to penalties. But, I’m not going to talk about penalties, I mean that’s a joke.

On QB Brett Hundley’s performance:
He was a little off. The ball was sailing on him a little bit. Ran the ball well. He ran for over 100 yards but the throws, he wasn’t as crisp as he’s been.

On the play of Colorado’s offense:
Well, I think we started out playing really well on defense and then they got the run going a little bit and that helped them. We were getting after the quarterback but he hung in there and was very resilient and made some plays down the field.

On Colorado’s adjustments:
Just ran the ball a little bit better.

On Hundley’s performance potentially being affected by altitude and wind:
I hate to say that, but the ball was sailing. You can’t blame the wind or the altitude. Altitude doesn’t matter when you’re throwing the ball. He just wasn’t as sharp as he normally is.

On the play of RB Paul Perkins, particularly his 92-yard run:
That was nice. I was hoping he could make it, he was chugging and they couldn’t catch him. I think he ended up with 180 yards rushing. I don’t know if that pushes him closer to 1,000 but he’s having a good year. He’s not the biggest guy in the world. He’s not a 230 pound back so hits take a little bit of a toll on him at times. So that’s why it’s good that we put James in there and get Nate Starks in there.

On Colorado’s play from the 4th quarter and overtime:
They ran the ball well in the fourth quarter. The quarterback made some throws. I’m not going to comment on their imagination, they were just calling plays and we were just making plays. We just played better. They were calling the same plays and the same strategy, nothing changes with regards to that, they were sticking with what had worked for them our guys just made plays.

On UCLA’s play in overtime:
It was our first overtime game in over two and a half years. We practice this all of the time. People think it’s weird at times because it’s just red zone offense and red zone defense but we try to put ourselves in those situations where there is some pressure but there’s always pressure but there’s a little added pressure and I just felt like we would respond. We kind of grew, when our backs are up against the wall in a game and it’s been tight at the end we found a way to win it except for once and that was the Utah game where we had a shot and didn’t get it done.

On his message to his team:
It’s both but we won. It’s hard, you know what I mean? You go back and forth and you vacillate in your message which I don’t necessarily like to do because you just won a game. You’re 5 and 0 [on the road], you won on the road in the PAC 12. It’s never gonna be easy. We started out fast and they came back and we had to win it in overtime so you’re proud of the resilience but you’re always gonna search for, whether you win or you lose, whether you play great or you play poorly you’re always searching for ways to get better. That never changes. So your message has to reflect that type of attitude, that type of culture.

On the transformation of the OL and Conor McDermott
I think that Conor going in, Scotty Quessenberry is kind of a guy who really made a jump. Malcom Bunche moving into guard feeling some pressure behind him with Alex Redmond who was now ready to go but didn’t play today. Simon Goines being back, putting some pressure on the tackles, I think it’s a real competitive group right now. I think they’re playing really well. Brett had pretty good protection today. I think we ran the ball really well and seemed solid. A couple false starts that we need to knock out. We’ll see about the holds, we never get holding calls on our defensive line. I’ve never seen anything like it, I guess that’s just the way it goes. But I want to keep seeing them getting better, I think you’re right that Conor has a lot to do with it. He’s very solid on that left side, very athletic.

On team’s youth:
This helps them grow up. You know what I mean? I’m not going to give them the out of youth. I’m just telling you there’s a reason okay, it can’t be an excuse or an out or ‘oh hey we’re just young’ you never say that to them. But I think games like this, helps you down the road. They believe they can win the close one, they know how to win the close one, whether it’s at home or on the road, whether it’s a great team or it’s a team they should just crush. They didn’t come in there jubilant. They understand what we need to do. They understand about taking ownership about their responsibilities as we all do. I’m talking about players and coaches. And we’re going to do that. I like where we’re at in terms of our record, certainly I’d love to be undefeated but we’re a resilient crew and we are going fix some things up and see how it ends up.

On whether the team is Pplaying younger than expected:
No not me, I think that going in we knew how youthful this team was. But we got to push past that, it’s time with eight games in, I don’t want to use that. I’m giving you a reason, I’m not giving you an excuse but we got to push past it.

On the big win:
Every win is huge no matter how you get it every win is huge. Wins are hard to come by and it’s big. We’re keeping ourselves alive and that’s the key.

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