VIDEO: Mazzone on the Offense

OCT. 25 -- Offensive Coordinator Noel Mazzone talked about what worked and what didn't offensively, Brett Hundley's performance and more...

On the fourth down run that was stopped late in the game:
That one sucked. We had been 100% on it. What happened was, they beat us on the backside. We had been 100% in two years with him giving him the ball and him picking up that yard. Right now, I could call a better play, but in the moment, we were playing the odds.

On Brett Hundley's play:
Spotty. There at the end, he looked how he was supposed to look. Everybody took their opportunities. I think our wideouts were playing good on the perimeter. Blocking well.

On what Hundley's issues were on Saturday:
I don't know. He missed a couple. I don't think there were miscommunications, he just missed a couple. Sometimes my driver doesn't go right. It happens. Sometimes you don't hit it in to the fairway. Nothing that's not correctable and he's been pretty consistent this year. He was leading the country in completion percentage. He missed a few throws and a few blocks.

On if he makes any adjustments when Hundley is throwing like that:
We try to run the ball a little bit, try to get him into rhythm. There wasn't much down field. We try to get the ball quickly to our receivers and then they do a good job blocking in the perimeter for us.

On if teams are taking the deep ball away:
These guys did that. It was obviously situational at the end of the half and the game, but all offenses, when you build a plan, there is always places for him to go.

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