VIDEO: Perkins On Game Performance

OCT. 26 -- Running back Paul Perkins talked about his 92-yard run and the inconsistency of the offense against Colorado...

Paul Perkins answered questions after the Colorado game.

On his 92-yard run to start the game:
We knew we had to speed up the tempo and get points on the board. Unfortunately that didn't happen. We just need to learn how to play when we get up.

On breaking the run:
It felt good to put points up on the board for my team:

On feeling the defensive back on his heels:
Yeah, I felt him a little bit. I just had to make sure I got my knees up.

On how defenses are adjusting to him:
They obviously put more people in the box. If there is a man on the outside, that helps our outside receivers.

On pulling out a win:
It shows we're a resilient team and we know how to win, down the stretch and on the road.

On the offense not syncing:
I have to look at the film because I'm not sure but we have some stuff to work on as a team.

On what slowed down the run game over the game:
I'm not sure.

On Colorado's final drive:
I have tremendous amount of confidence in our defense. If overtime is what we're going to go to, which we did, we all know and prepare for overtime, that's what Coach Mora emphasizes.

On being more organized in overtime:
Its weird, it seems like when we get in to two minutes, we click, when we get in to overtime, we click. Its just how we are.

On their thoughts after holding Colorado to a field goal on the final drive:
We knew we were going to win. We had a tremendous amount of confidence in our O-Line and with Brett.

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