VIDEO: Hundley on Performance, Offense

OCT. 25 -- Quarterback Brett Hundley talked about how he missed some plays against Colorado, made some mistakes, and how the offense can continue to improve...

Brett Hundley took questions after the Colorado game.

On thoughts about the game:
It was a tough fought win. It wasn’t the greatest game, personally either. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter who we’re playing we have to win. That’s the good part about it but it was hard fought.

On personal first quarter success:
I think it was being able to deliver a ball where it needs to be. At first it was there, and then it sort of just started to get away from me. You can make excuses but you have to stick to it.

On high wind:
To be honest it wasn’t there warming up. Whatever it is no matter what the weather is we have to be able to hit those.

On team's second half performance:
It was static-y. We got out of rhythm sometimes and we have to learn to fix those things to get back in the rhythm no matter if we’re sitting on the sidelines for a lengthy amount of time. We have to be able to get back into the game and keep rolling.

On CU’s defense hindering second half success:
Not really. They sort of took the same approach as last week playing a lot of off [coverage]. They played man which was good for them and they did a great job at it but they played a lot of off coverage.

On overtime thoughts:
It is just more football. Like I said, it was a hard fought win and it went to double overtime. We came up with the “W” and the defense did a great job in the second overtime keeping them to the field goal and we got that touchdown.

On second overtime plays:
The second one technically I was supposed to pull that ball but it happens we scored a touchdown. We had been talking about it and it’s never really supposed to be pulled but the whole game the defense was flowing and one time they made the wrong move so it worked out.

On throws floating:
Yeah they were and I have to be able to drive those balls. You can’t use any of those excuses about wind. I don’t like doing that. You have to be able to fight through it as a quarter back and be able to pull those balls down and figure out a way to get those done.

On letting teams back into games:
I think we just have to learn to put our foot down on people. We had a pretty good lead starting out the game and we have to learn as a team to just finish people off and not let them slowly just stay in the game. We have to kill them right then and there. You have to; you just have to put the game away.

On fixing being able to put away teams:
You have to be able to fix it. No matter if it’s beginning of the season, middle, end, you have to be able to finish games. Luckily a lot of these close games we came out on top but it’d be good for us to be able to put teams away and we have to find a way to do that.

On importance of win:
It was big for us. A win is a win. Colorado played a great game and kudos to them. They did everything they could and they had a good time. For us, we pulled out the victory. We’re 6-2 and we still are in the hunt for things.

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