VIDEO: Jack on Defense Putting it Together

OCT. 27 -- Linebacker Myles Jack talked about how Colorado got more effective, the UCLA defense trying to put some good elements together, and improving his personal pass-rushing ability...

Myles Jack talked with the media Monday.

On the run defense in the second half:
I think their offense caught a rhythm. We were stopping them, then they caught their stride. They're a talented team and they caught stride and started making plays.

On the number one thing they have to do:
Just be relaxed, rely on your film, stare at the guys waist and wrap up. We've got to go back to our technique. Every game will not be perfect. We have to rely on technique. Guys go for the big hit rather than getting them on the ground.

On if they're repeating the same mistakes:
I think we're kind of repeating ourselves, but we're going to figure it out eventually when it really matters. You'll see us hit our stride. The Arizona State was the complete game. I just think we need to put together one of those games.

On if it's more frustrating for the linebackers to give up yards on the ground or the air:
Definitely on the ground, because we feel more responsibility. We feel like we have more of a hand in that. We talk the onus on that. We definitely take that personally.

On Mora saying his pass rush should improve:
I just think its something I never really worked on in high school and getting here. My main thing was coverage. I almost had two sacks in the game but the guy got away from me so I have to work on that. Its not really a natural thing that I do and it's something i have to work on. They sent me on a couple rushes and I have to make a play.

On how he works on it:
Extra time after or before practice, and putting in a little extra time. Fine tuning things.

On getting after the QB against Colorado:
Coach Brick told me they'd send me a little more this week. I almost got there, but I've got to make those plays. I almost made a play.

On developing pass rushing skills:
It's not tough at all, we work on it every day in practice. People are watching. It's not difficult at all. I'll work on it this week.

On getting less pressure as the game went on:
Their offense caught a rhythm. They didn't really have an answer first but then their offense caught a rhythm. We should be able to stop an offense. We should have been able to control what they were doing. Once they started doing what they were doing, we couldn't stop it. We won and that's what mattered, and held them to field goals. Overtime, we held them to field goals. We got better at the end of the game.

On Arizona:
Their offense is very explosive. We can't have a lapse against them or its going to be a high scoring game and we'll be embarrassed.

On Anu Solomon:
He's a baller and a gamer. I remember sitting at Buffalo Wild Wings and watching him against Oregon. He's a great player, he's thrown game winners and proven he can do it and we have to stop them.

On Arizona's leap:
I thought they were a great team last year, with Kadeem Carey and BJ Denker, but I think they've taken a leap in their record, first in the Pac-12, so if you look at it that way, they've taken a leap.

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