Football Recruiting: Offense

UCLA's main targets for offense include some of the best at their position in the country...


The quarterback prospect list has actually shortened up in the last few months, due to UCLA zeroing in on its targets and UCLA now having one of its two quarterback scholarships remaining.

Matt Moore, 6-4, 180, Newhall (Calif.) Hart (pictured at right). COMMITTED. Scouts and coaches think he might be one of the best in the country when it's all said and done and he's sewn up for UCLA. He's big, has a cannon for an arm, is athletic, can run, and has good footwork and throwing motion. Moore just needs to gain some weight experience, not having started until his senior season. He's also pretty young, having just turned 17. When UCLA offered after his first game this season, he snatched up the offer, being a long-time UCLA fan.

Drew Olson, 6-2, 185, Piedmont (Calif.) High,  COMMITTED. Considered one of the best quarterbacks on the west coast, and listed commonly among the best in the nation. Olson looks very similar to Cory Paus: possibly a little bigger, but good accuracy, decent arm strength and great leadership. His father is a UCLA Law School grad and Drew grew up a UCLA fan. Olson threw for over 2,500 yards as a junior and is on that pace as a senior. He was one of the top five quarterbacks at the Student Sports Elite 11 Camp, which generally brings the best 11 quarterbacks in the country together in one camp. He chose UCLA over Michigan, Tennessee, Washington and LSU.

Ben Olson, 6-5, 200, Thousand Oaks (Calif.) High. Considered the #1 quarterback prospect in the country, the lefty is big, athletic, has a great arm, great mechanics, and is a born leader. Olson hasn't performed very well so far for his senior season, but all the tools are there. It's thought to be between UCLA and BYU (Stanford is also involved), and just a month or so ago it looked like UCLA had the lead. Being a Mormon, recently the word is that BYU has the inside track for him. It also looks like he's now leaning toward taking his mission, which would be fine with UCLA. The latest news: Olson has told a few people close to him that he hasn't made a decision and UCLA is still in it. He might make a decision soon, without taking an official visit. But you could probably expect him to go to the UCLA/Washington game at the Rose Bowl in a couple of weeks.  Committed to BYU.

Isaiah Stanback, 6-3, Seattle (Wash.) Garfield. One of the best athletes on the west coast, Stanback is the prototype of the new wave of quarterback: Big arm and fast legs. Stanback has said for a while that Washington and USC are his leaders, but UCLA is trying hard with him and is running in third. One unconfirmed report has Stanback already having arranged an official visit to UCLA in December. He did say for certain he will trip to USC.  Committed to Washington.

Trent Edwards, 6-4, 185, Los Gatos (Calif.) High. Put up some of the best passing numbers in the state as a junior, Edwards is among the best two or three in the west and the top 10 in the nation. Long thought to be a heavy lean to Stanford, he still is. In fact, the prevailing thought is that if he had achieved a SAT score that was accepted by Stanford admissions he would have already committed to the Cardinal. UCLA is running second and if, in some quirky development, either another quarterback commits to Stanford or Edwards somehow doesn't qualify for Stanford (longshot), UCLA would be sitting pretty.

Matt Gutierrez, 6-4, 200, Concord (Calif.) De La Salle. Hailed for two years as the best in the west, Gutierrez is now being over-shadowed by the other California talent. He has been slowed by a long-term wrist injury, and still really hasn't unleashed his full throwing motion this year. He visited a UCLA practice this spring and the Bruins offered him a scholarship recently. He has a big list of schools, but if UCLA recruited him hard, they'd have a chance.  Off the List.

Tim Brasic, 6-2, 185, Riverside (Ill.) Riverside-Brookfield. Probably the most prolific quarterback in the midwest as a junior, Brasic threw for over 3,000 yards and ran for almost a 1,000. His childhood favorite was UCLA, but Purdue and Ohio State are showing more interest than the Bruins at this point. But if UCLA went after him hard they could probably get him. Off the List.

Zac Dahman, 6-2, 170, Keller (Tex.) Fossil Ridge. One of the bestin Texas, UCLA has kept a steady watch on Dahman and he has UCLA in his top or so. Also likes Virginia, Auburn, and Louisville. Off the List.

Mark Borda, 6-3, 196, Allentown (Penn.) Bethlehem Catholic. Considered one of the best in the east, Borda has a strong arm to go along with good athleticism and quickness. He's on UCLA's to-watch list, while Borda likes Penn State,North Carolina, Tennesee and others.


UCLA's roster looked fairly solid and deep a couple of months ago at wide receiver, but it's taken some hits. Jon Dubravac is redshirting because of a lingering back injury. Whether he'll recover fully is always a question. And Jerry Owens quit football. Junior Taylor was supposed to have come in with the current freshman class but didn't qualify. He will continue to take the SAT and try to enroll for spring (which will count his scholarship against the upcoming class). So, while UCLA was looking for probably just two receivers a few months ago, it looks like they might need at least two, if not three. With three seniors graduating, two other players not on the team that were supposed to be, and one questionable to return, it would appear to be a great opportunity for wide receivers looking at UCLA.

Antwuan Smith, 6-0, 190, 4.4, Clovis (Calif.) Buchanon (pictured at right). Considered one of the best in the west, Smith came to UCLA's one-day camp in June. He played three positions last year for a very successful Buchanon team. At receiver, he caught a school- record 63 passes. At running back, he's rushed for over 3,000 yards and scored 45 touchdowns in his high school career. He also had four picks at cornerback last year. He repeatedly says UCLA is his clear leader, being good friends with local Fresno boy and current UCLA cornerback, Ricky Manning. He's also mentioned Michigan, Florida, Oregon and Washington.

Rhema McKnight, 6-2, 185, 4.5, La Palma (Calif.) Kennedy. Commonly listed as the best wide receiver in the west and among the best in the country, McKnight is a big, quick athlete. He has a nice vertical, great hands, and great coordination. Out of necessity, McKnight will play quarterback for his high school team this year. He's also a decent basketball player. McKnight favors UCLA. He was a bit of a mystery this spring and summer, not participating in many camps or combines. He's getting huge interest from big-named programs from around the country, including Florida, Tennesee and Notre Dame. A good student and well-spoken kid, McKnight should be one of the guys that UCLA will more than likely want to get a commitment from as soon as they can call prospects starting September 1st.

Thomas Bachman, 5-10, 185, Shreveport (Louis.) Evangel Christian. A possesion receiver who's ranked among the top 20 receivers in the country, Bachman took an official visit to UCLA. Texas Tech has been on him a long time, though, and will be hard to beat.

Paul Williams, 6-2, 180, 4.5, Avenal (Calif.) High. Brother of Curtis Williams, the safety from Washington, Williams had a good showing at UCLA's one day camp, where he tested extremely well. He is still very raw and learning how to play, looking a bit awkward at times. But he has good size and athleticism. UCLA will be watching him his senior year, and Williams had said he prefers UCLA.

Sammy Moore, 6-1, 185, 4.4, Bakersfield College. Considered one of the elite wide receivers in the JC ranks this year, Moore has quite a few schools after him. It's deserved, since Moore is a stud. There is a question of academics, but UCLA is definitely recruiting and pay close tabs on him this season. Off the List.

Brien Ealy, 6-3, 185, 4.5, Cypress Falls (Tex.) High. A big kid with good quickness and speed, UCLA is looking at Ealy primarily as a wide receiver but, like many programs recruiting him, is also considering him as a DB. He also has listed Florida, Florida State, Oklahoma, Miami and Texas. Off the List.

Carl Tabb, 6-1, 170, 4.4, Ann Arbor (Mich.) Huron. One of the elite wide receiver prospects in the midwest, Tabb is particularly fast and has good size. He has mentioned UCLA and UCLA is recruiting him, but it appears UCLA is falling behind the midwestern powers for him. Off the List.

Maurice Stovall, 6-5, 200, 4.4, Radnor (Penn.) Archbishop Carroll. What you like in a receiver is size and speed, and Stovall reportedly has both. He apparently has been offered by many schools, and UCLA, rumor has it, is one of them. The likes of Florida State, Miami, Ohio State and others are also on the list. Off the List.

James White, 6-4, 185, 4.6, Talahassee (Fla.) Lincoln. One of the elite wide receivers in the southwest, White has great size and good hands. He is a heavy lean to Florida State but since he's originally from Southern California is considering UCLA.Off the List.

Dontae Holloway, 6-2, 195, 4.5, Santa Fe Springs (Calif.) St. Paul. Holloway is a nice-looking athlete, with good quickness and vertical. With his size, he makes for a very intriguing wide receiver prospect. At St. Paul he goes somewhat unnoticed but he's on UCLA's radar.Off the List.

James Finley, 6-3, 190, 4.6, Los Angeles (Calif.) Manual Arts. Finley is one of the best wide receivers in SoCal. He's big, has long arms, runs precise routes and has very good quickness. Some question his speed but he shows great game speed and the ability to separate from his defenders. Finley, though, is questionable academically and UCLA is in wait-and-see mode. He says he heavily favors Oregon State.  Off the List.

Nate Robinson, ATH, 5-10, 175, 4.4, Seattle (Wash.) Rainier Beach. A guy to definitely watch, Robinson snuck under the radar last year. He was originally from Rainier Beach, but then moved to San Jose to be with his father. When many college coaches came by Seattle in spring to ask about prospects, The Rainier Beach coaches didn't mention Robinson since he wasn't attending the school. He now has returned to Rainier Beach. Some scouts who have seen him on tape think he could possibly be one of the best players in the state of Washington. He's also a very good basketball player, with great athleticism and quickness for a point guard, who would have a definite chance of playing basketball at the high major level. He said in July that UCLA was his favorite school for football, and is also interested in Notre Dame, Wisconsin, USC and Purdue. For basketball, he's hearing from Mississippi St., Florida, Miami, Eastern Washington, USC, Washington and Cal. Committed to USC.

Jamario McClain, ATH/S, 6-2, 170, 4.4, Pico Rivera (Calif.) El Rancho. McClain is a promising prospect. He is a little thin-framed, but with his speed and talent, he has a chance to be a very good wide receiver or safety. He maintains that UCLA is his favorite, while also looking at other Pac-10.

Aaron Gipson, ATH/C, 5-9, 175, 4.4, Etiwanda (Calif.) High. Gipson is a pretty talented kid, with nice quickness, speed and athleticism. He might not be getting as much attention as he should merely because of his size. He could very well end up a cornerback, but schools, including UCLA, are looking at him at wide receiver also. Off the List.

Donald Richardson, 6-4, 200, 4.5, Beverly Hills (Calif.) High. A kid with some great potential, Richardson has great size and skill. UCLA has a good connection, given the fact that former Beverly Hills High player Jibril Raymo knows Richardson pretty well. UCLA will watch him this season.  Off the List.

Malcolm Thompson, 6-0, 180, 4.5, Long Beach (Calif.) Jordan. Thompson, almost completely unknown, was one of the fastest at UCLA's one-day camp and caught the ball well. He's on UCLA's to-watch list for the season.  Off the List.

Blake Mackey, 6-3, 183, 4.38, Bakersfield (Calif.) High. He was on UCLA's radar before the Nike Stanford camp and now is a guy UCLA will scout out thoroughly. He had a good junior year and is an accomplished trackster, his best times being a 20.69 in the 200 and a 47.8 in the 400. He also jumped close to 38 inches in the vertical. Mackey was so fast that the DBs at the Stanford Nike camp couldn't stay with him – or chose not to even try. Up until now UCLA hasn't officially recruited Mackey, but UCLA has good ties to the school and the family. He said that he has a qualifying test score and GPA. If he has a good senior year, UCLA could get on him hard.  Off the List.

Xavier McGuire, 6-4, 210, 4.7, Dallas (Tex.) Carter, A big, talented athlete, McGuire might lack blazing speed but he gets it done with his size and skills. He is a solid lean to Florida but, without ever having been to California and with no connections to L.A., he also says he likes UCLA. Oklahoma, LSU, Texas, Kansas State and Colorado are also involved.


UCLA will more than likely try to one or two tailbacks with this next recruiting class. Even though they brought in a couple last year and Manuel White is already on the roster, there is a definite opportunity for a faster, scat-back type of back to come in and immediately contribute. And, coincidentally, most of the stand-out running backs in this class on the west coast are that type.

Glenn Ohaeri, 5-9, 180, 4.5, San Bernardino (Calif.) Aquinas. COMMITTED. Really discovered this spring and summer, coaches are raving about Ohaeri, saying he could be the second best back in the west behind booker. He's probably the toughest to bring down and has great quickness. UCLA, USC, Cal, Stanford, Notre Dame, Duke and Boston College are all on his list. It could come down, though, between UCLA, Cal and Stanford.

Hershel Dennis, 5-11, 180, 4.4, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly. Dennis is one of the top handful of running backs in the west. He's pretty small but very tough, and breaks tackles well, while being one of the shiftiest backs you'll see this year. Dennis has long thought to be a heavy lean to USC, and still is, but it's been interesting lately. He came to UCLA's first fall practice, being the cousin of one of UCLA's walk on defensive linemen. The prevailing wisdom is if Lorenzo Booker goes to USC, Dennis might not.

Shelton Sampson, 5-9, 175, Tacoma (Wash.) Clove Park. But it's only 85% of a commitment. Sampson says he intends to take trips to Washington and Notre Dame.  Committed to Washington.

Lorenzo Booker, 5-11, 180, 4.4, Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure (pictured at right). Probably one of the top three in the country, if not the best. UCLA will be in a battle for him. USC is pulling out all the stops, and the Florida States of the world are beating a path to his door. He has said in the past that he wants to stay local and, before all of the attention, UCLA was his favorite. But it's going to be a long battle for this one, and anything can happen. He's been showing a lot of love for USC as of late.

Selvin Young, 6-0, 190, 4.4, Houston (Tex.) Jersey Village. Young is commonly listed among the best running backs in the country, with good size, vision and moves. He's a long-time UCLA fan even though he's never been to California, but has family locally. UCLA probably leads over such schools as Texas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and LSU.

Marcus O'Keith, 5-11, 170, 4.4, Harbor City (Calif.) Narbonne. Quick, fast and shifty, O'Keith is emerging as possibly among the best running backs in the west. He tested very well at the San Diego Nike camp. Notre Dame is the latest leader, while Cal had a lead before. UCLA, Washington, and Wisconsin will probably get trips, too. Committed to Cal.

David Richard, 6-1, 240, 4.5, St. Louis(Missouri) Hazelwood East. Richard had committed to Tennessee months ago, but has opened up his commitment. A big, bruising back who might project to fullback, Richard indicated recently that UCLA and Michigan State could be his favorites now. He says he has an official visit set up with UCLA for December. He's still looking at Tennessee, as well as Iowa and Missouri. He's on course to qualify academically.  Committed to Michigan State.

Lonta Hobbs, 5-11, 205, 4.5, Clarksville (Tex.) High. Hobbs, a strong, powerful runner with good quickness, is a guy UCLA is recruiting hard, and the Bruins probably lead Texas A&M, Nebraska, TCU, Oklahoma and UTEP. Hobbs has said he'll visit UCLA for the September 22nd game against Ohio State.

Michael Johnson, 5-11 190, 4.4), Newport News (Virg.) Heritage. Considered one of the best players on the east coast, UCLA is trying, along with Penn State, Tennessee, Michigan, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and others.  Off the List.

Frederick Collins, 6-0, 190, 4.6, La Quinta (Calif.) High. Collins had a great junior year and, coming off that year, was thought to be one of the best in the west and was mentioned on many national lists. Collins is big and very tough, breaking tackle after tackle, but might lack the explosiveness of the other running back prospects on this list. He's on UCLA's to-watch list. Arizona probably leads for him since they've offered, and ASU, Cal, Oregon State and others are involved.  Off the List.

Curtis Brown, 6-0, 185, Lancaster (Calif.) Paraclete. Athletic and big, Brown is a prospect that has gotten somewhat overlooked. He attended many UCLA games last year and the theory is that if UCLA showed him a lot of attention and offered, he'd commit. It's a matter, though, if UCLA will. He's on the to-watch list, and possibly might have a future being considered a safety.

Randy Hill, 6-2, 195, Tempe (Ariz.) McClintock. Considered the best in Arizona this year, Hill is a big, strong back that might be considered as a fullback. He has shown good quickness, recording a 4.04 shuttle time.  Off the List.

Kenny Taylor, 5-11, 185, 4.4, San Pedro (Calif.) High. A kid who is a good student and long-time UCLA fan, he's on UCLA's to-watch list. If he has a good season, could also be considered as an athlete. He has a 3.5 GPA and scored a 1,200 on his SAT.


UCLA has done well in recruiting offensive linemen the last several years. But many OLs have left the program for various reasons and UCLA never seems to be able to build quality depth. This year, they're looking to bring in three OLs, and possibly four, depending on the prospects.

Robert Chai, 6-4, 275, Newport Beach (Calif.) Newport Harbor. COMMITTED. Under-rated and under-recruited, Chai is one of the quickest and meanest OL prospects on the west coast, and easily one of the best. Many scouts believe now, after seeing him his senior year that he's one of the top three OLs on the west coast. UCLA offered him in early October, he attend the UCLA/Washington game and verbally committed that Sunday. 

Winston Justice, 6-6, 290, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly (pictured at right). Justice has emerged as probably the #1 OL prospect in the west. Not only does he have great size, but great quickness, coordination and strength. He looked like he was toying with most of the guys he went up against this summer at various camps. He's getting recruited prety heavily by USC, and goes back and forth between UCLA and USC quite often.

Alex Potasi, 6-6, 320, Harbor City (Calif.) Narbonne. Originally verbally committed to USC, Potasi is huge, with a great-looking body. He has had UCLA leading for some time and will decide between UCLA, Cal and Washington in January.

Nathan Rhodes, 6-7, 302, East Bakersfield (Calif.) High. Mentioned with Justice as the two best in the west, Rhodes is big, and quick for his size, and proved at the San Diego Nike Camp that he's one of the best. UCLA was his clear leader, but he's opened it up and bit. He's also considering Tennessee, Michigan and others.  Committed to Washington.

Justin Blaylock, 6-4, 340, Plano (Tex.) East. Listed among the best in the nation, Blaylock was considered the best OL prospect at the Texas A&M Nike Camp. He's getting blitzed by all of the big names and UCLA is trying.  Off the List.

David Beall, 6-5 295, Vancouver (Wash.) Mountain View. Probably the best OL prospect from the northwest, Beall is a great all-around prospect and a great student, carrying a 3.9 GPA. Stanford and Washington are leading, but UCLA is moving up. A recruiting update is on its way.

Mark Farris, 6-6, 285, Pittsburg (Penn.) North Hills. Farris has really caught fire on many national recruiting services. He's big and tough. UCLA is trying hard and believe they have a shot with him, while other sources say he'll stay in the east. Pittsburg and Penn State have the advantage.  Off the List.

Tony Ugoh, 6-5, 285, Spring (Tex.) Westfield. One of the best in the state of Texas, UCLA is trying against the likes of Florida, Oklahoma, Texas and Notre Dame. He visited UCLA unofficially this summer.  Off the List.

Albert Toeaina, 6-5, 330, Pittsburg (Calif.) High. A sleeper, until Toeiana showed up and looked great at the Nike Camp at Stanford, huge and agile for his size. USC, UNLV, Washington, Oregon, Oregon State and UCLA are his top six.  Off the List.

Stephen Berg, 6-6, 305, Tucson (Ariz.) Canyon Del Oro. Somewhat unknown outside of Arizona, Berg is generally considered the best OL prospect in the state. Some who have seen him quite a bit think he should be ranked among the best in the west and possibly the country, and he's been moving up the charts lately. He could be a guy UCLA offers soon. He said he likes UCLA, Washington, Oregon and Cal and is leaning toward leaving the state.

Brandon Gray, 6-5, 280, Cathedral City (Calif.) High. Considered a sleeper, Gray came to many UCLA games this year and would commit if offered. He could trip to UCLA in January and if the Bruins miss on a couple other guys, he could get offered.

Robin Kezirian, 6-4, 270, Fresno (Calif.) Central. Kezirian is the nephew of Ed Kezirian, the UCLA football Director of Academic Services and the cousin of current UCLA tight end Blaine Kezirian. Robin had just an okay spring and summer. He now favors Oregon, and only Fresno State has offered.

Marco Guerra, 6-3, 330, Los Angeles (Calif.) Fremont. A very wide kid who has some good dexterity for his size, Guerra is on the to-watch list of just about every Pac-10 school, including UCLA.  Off the List.

Nate Vander Pol, 6-5, 280, Federal Way (Wash.) High. A prospect with good size, Vander Pol came all the way from Washington to watch UCLA's final spring scrimmage. UCLA is watching him, and he's looking at other Pac-10ers. Off the List.

J.C. Ronnfelt, 6-3, 300, Federal Way (Wash.) Decatur. Another good prospect form Washington, Ronnfelt is being recruited by the Pac-10. Considered one of the best pure inside OL guys in the class, he likes Washington and Oregon State. UCLA is in to-watch mode.  Off the List.

Ernest Guerrero, 6-4, 280, Pico Rivera (Calif.) El Rancho. A solid offensive line prospect, Guerrero was among the best at the San Diego Nike camp. Good-sized and with fairly quick feet, Guerrero has said that UCLA would be his favorite if offered. UCLA is watching him his senior season. Off the List.

Elliot Vallejo, 6-6, 290, Salinas (Calif.) Palma. Somewhat of a sleeper, Vallejo is now getting attention from some solid west coast schools because of his size and fairly decent athleticism.  Committed to Arizona.

***There are also some sleeper OL prospects UCLA is recruiting, according to sources, but to protect UCLA's recruiting efforts, they are not included on this list at this time.



Marcedes Lewis, 6-7, 235, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly (pictured at right). COMMITTED. Lewis is looking like one of the few best players in the west this year, and even in the country. Not only does he look great as a tight end, big and fast, but he's looking like a freak at defensive end, where he's lined up on obvious passing downs for Poly. Lewis has talked to UCLA about playing some defensive end, and is starting to warm to the idea of playing both ways in college. Don't forget, Lewis is also a very good basketball player, one that could definitely help the UCLA basketball team with its frontcourt. Especially when he ends up 250+ pounds. Lewis could end up being one of the best all-around athletes to come to UCLA in quite a while.

J.J. Hair, 6-7, 230, Capistrano Valley. COMMITTED. Considered one of the best tight end prospects on the west coast, Hair is big, strong and has very good hands. He came to UCLA's one-day camp last year and UCLA showed him interest since. When he came to Junior Day in February, Hair knew pretty much that UCLA is where he wanted to go. By March, when Hair and his father decided to come to campus, Hair committed to Coach Toledo. His father said, "Basically, J.J has always liked UCLA."


Idris Moss, DB/WR/QB, 6-1, 165, 4.5, Riverside (Calif.) Eisenhower. COMMITTED. Thought to be one of the best all-around athletes in SoCal, Moss spends most of his time at quarterback, but is projected as a safety or wide receiver on the next level. He has great quickness and instincts. His father went to UCLA and his uncle to Washington, but he verbally committed to UCLA in late September, saying he wanted a UCLA scholarship before they were all gone.

Curtis Justus, TE/DE, 6-7, 220, Perry, (Okla.) High. Justus is considered a great all-around football player. He had 9 sacks in his first game of the year at defensive end. Justus likes Miami and Florida State, while UCLA is slightly at a disadvantage with him because he primarily wants to be recruited as a tight end and UCLA has two TE commitments. But despite this, UCLA is still doing well with him, will probably get an official visit, and could possibly work the angle that they'd bring him in as an athlete, which would give him a shot at tight end.  Off the List.

Jesse Taylor, TE/DE, 6-3, 240, West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade. Coming from a UCLA family, with his parents having gone to UCLA and his sister currently attending UCLA, you'd think Taylor would be a lock. But the word is that Taylor would prefer to play tight end, and justifiably so after he was one of the best tight end at the San Diego Nike Camp. Lately Taylor has said he likes Oregon State, Washington, Oregon and Colorado while he waits on an offer from UCLA.  Off the List.

Dominic Roux, DB/WR, 6-0, 170, Gardena (Calif.) Serra. A speedster, Roux is an athlete that could end up at wide receiver or possibly safety on the next level. He's still a raw football player, but he has great acceleration in the open field. He did favor UCLA, but UCLA is in watch mode. In the meantime, Colorado has offered and moved into his favaorite spot. Arizona and Oregon are also involved.

Jamario McClain, WR/S, 6-2, 170, 4.4, Pico Rivera (Calif.) El Rancho. McClain is a promising prospect. He is a little thin-framed, but with his speed and talent, he has a chance to be a very good wide receiver or safety. He maintains that UCLA is his favorite, while also looking at other Pac-10 schools.

Rory Carrington, RB/DB, 5-11, 190, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly. Carrington is plainly a very good football player, but possibly without a position in college. He plays running back/fullback for Poly, but it's hard to exactly project him on the next level. If he gets bigger he could be a fullback, but many scouts project him as a strong safety. UCLA likes him and Carrington has told various sources that if UCLA offered he'd commit.

Keith Howell, WR/DB, 6-1, 185, Newhall (Calif.) Hart. Howell is definitely on UCLA's to-watch list. A kid wiith a good body and speed, he's only in his second year of playing football. He looked good in the summer passing leagues and has played well for Hart at cornerback this year. A great student with a 4.0 GPA, he likes UCLA as well as Stanford, Washington, Cal and possibly the Ivies.

Chad Glover, TE/DE, 6-5, 235, Torrance (Calif.) Bishop Montgomery. A big kid with good mobility, Glover is pretty raw but scouts like his potential. UCLA likes Glover, but they might not get to him. He's also considering Arizona and others.

Marcus Freeman, TE/DE, 6-3, 230, St. Paul (Minn.) Cretin-Derham. A good, all-around athlete, Freeman is one that some national programs are on. He has said in the past he favors Notre Dame, but also likes Oklahoma, Michigan State, Minnesota and UCLA.

Lozerri Bobo, DB/LB, 6-2, 220, Compton (Calif.) High. A local kid that UCLA is watching, Bobo has good quickness and good size. He likes UCLA, and is also considering Oregon, Wisconsin and Washington. None have offered as of yet.

Gabriel Moise, LB/FB, 6-1, 211, Burbank (Calif.) Burroughs. Moise came to UCLA's one day and is now having a pretty notable senior year. He's looked good as a fullback and has four sacks playing defense end. Looking for tough guys who can run, UCLA is watching Moise.

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