VIDEO: Hundley on Big Arizona Game

OCT. 27 -- Quarterback Brett Hundley talked about the Arizona game's importance this Saturday, and leading the team the rest of the season...

Brett Hundley talked Monday during Arizona week.

On the importance of a win over Arizona:
UofA is a great team but I think this is one of those weeks where you have to understand, this is a big game for us. A South opponent. If we want to get to our end goal, which is a Pac-12 championship, we have to beat UofA.

On if there is still belief in the locker room:
Oh yeah. We're 6-2 still. We've won some games, some tight games. The understanding that we have still have the opportunity to do what we need to do and where we want to go, it's still there.

On Mora getting fired up about the teams seasons:
I don't read too much about it, but to us, we still understand we can get to where we want to go. As players, we know we can still go. Although Caleb did tweet something about it.

On the four remaining games needing the leaders to taking the team on their back:
Huge. From the aspect of everything previous we had done, it matters but we have to get these next foiur games under our belt. Everything previous, don't worry about it, we have to focus on this game and focus on Washington the next week. For us to be able to finish this thing strong is going to fall on our leaders to help us grow. Sometimes it's not even calling a team meeting, its in practice and saying something there. Throughout the process this week is when the leaders have to talk and get us on the same page.

On his Colorado performance:
It went well. Obviously there were some throws I missed. But nothing is perfect. I criticize myself more than anyone else and nothing is perfect and I have to understand that. I would like to have some throws back. We moved the offense down the field, and did a good job, but if we fix those mistakes we'll score a lot more points.

On keeping his poise on a tough day passing:
As a quarterback, you have to. Nothing is perfect. You can't go in a shell and hope it ends. You have to fight.

On the last two runs of the game for him:
Just running it man, if I have to do it, I'll do it. The first one was a read that turned into a quarterback run, the second was supposed to be a stretch, but if they were biting, pull it and run.

On if he has things to work on:
It was just missing a couple things. There were three that I missed. I wish I could take those throws back. I stress and stress about being perfect, but nobody in America is perfect.

On if he feels he has to be perfect:
It does but at the same time it's only to me that I feel that because I want to help my team so much. We still have more to play. Big plays need to be made.

On Mora talking with him after the game:
He was saying Happy Birthday to my dad and we were talking and he told me that and it resonated with me. I try to be great and perfect, but not all the time you'll achieve that.

On what changed after being up 17-0:
Just moving the ball up the field consistently, third downs. Those were big ones and we have to convert on those. We scored 40 points and thats cool but we'd like to score consistently.

On the pocket the last two games:
The O-Line has been playing amazing. Credit to them, they've done some good things this season. They've been blocking their butts off, doing great in the run game. When you have that pocket, you can't ask for much more. Paul Perkins has been doing a great job for us, Chandler High product, and the O-Line is doing a great job right now. Credit to them for us moving the ball.

On Arizona's 3-3-5 defense:
We just have to be able to study film and know what they're doing. With that 3-3-5, you can present different looks so you have to understand the looks you're getting.

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