VIDEO: Payton on Resilience, Mistakes

OCT. 28 -- Veteran receiver Jordan Payton talks about prevailing over Colorado, the big Arizona game and the resilient mindset of the team...

Jordan Payton talked during Arizona week.

On takeaways against Colorado:
It was a fantastic game to be a part of. You learn a lot about your team in those kind of games on the road, in overtime. It labels us a resilient and tough team. Mistakes were made, penalties, things that need to be clean up. Overall they were tough, but credit to Colorado.

On the penalties issues:
We talked about it after the game. It's getting redundant. We talk about it and talk about it. We definitely have to figure that out and have a huge test this week against Arizona.

On what wasn't working in the pass game:
I thought the pass game was doing ok. Brett maybe missed a couple throws and receivers dropped some passes, but that's how the game goes. Overall, I thought we'd do well, but we missed some passes.

On if they still believe they can win a Pac-12 championship:
From the outside, it looks like they're struggling and barely winning, but guys are fighting every day. Its a battle each week in the conference. If people think Colorado should be an easy game, they're not. Each week is a battle.

On if defenses are taking away the deep ball:
We tried to go deep a couple times. I have no real answer. They are taking the deep ball away. They started to play off more. Brett has been on point. He's doing exactly what he's supposed to be doing. We run what we're told and play the best of our abilities.

On if he can tell Hundley has more time in the pocket:
All I know is I'm running the route. The offensive line, I see them working every day. They've taken it seriously, but they're doing a great job, but I would say Brett has more time back there.

On Arizona's 3-3-5 defense:
I was looking at it this weekend. Arizona has a good defense, super athletic. I was watching the Oregon game and they come out and play. They're coming down here with bad intentions and we have to get ready for that game.

On how they can carry a fast start:
Come out and have a great week in practice, do more things right. We have to continue to get better.

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