VIDEO: Vanderdoes on Arizona

OCT. 29 -- Defensive tackle Eddie Vanderdoes talks about the different challenges Arizona's offense presents...

Eddie Vanderdoes talks after practice:

On the new uniforms:
I love them. Every time we play in either black or blue, we play well. I'm excited to break them out this week along with the helmets.

On Anu Solomon:
He's a very smart quarterback for how young he is. He scrambles well. For a young quarterback, he's calm and doesn't get rattled.

On Arizona's running game:
They're good and power backs. We're really going to have to stop the run. It's a good duo they've got.

On their interior offensive line:
Their guards are real good, we faced them last year. They have an experienced line. Its going to be a good matchup like last year.

On what makes their offense explosive:
Tempo for sure. And they run their stuff. They do what they do and do it very fast. They try to get d-linemen in space and get them tired and misaligned and not worried about their assignment.

On if its a key week for the defensive front:
We have to come together, if we don't, they'll run for 400 yards. Each week, the pressure is on.

On keeping Arizona from getting a rhythm:
Stop the split.

On the leaders helping the youth of UCLA:
Its a very big week and a big part of the season. They caught a lot of the Pac-12 by surprise, they're 14th, beat Oregon and have one loss on the season.

On what they did against Oregon:
They did their job and they're a physical football team. Their mentality was to do their job.

On if it's a do or die week:
Yeah, its definitely a do or die week. Its a crucial game for us.

On how their mentality plays into it:
Mentality is we have to be very physical up front. DBs have to do their job.

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