VIDEO: Mora on Tuesday

OCT. 28 -- Head coach Jim Mora talks about the offensive line's development, Mossi Johnson's emergence, and Arizona's offense...

Opening statement:
Exciting week for us I think with Arizona coming in. We've struggled a little bit at home, as everyone knows so this will be a great test. We had a really good practice today and there is a little different mindset. We're reaching that point that we understand the inconsistencies we've shown have to go away, and that's to practice with a different purpose. I think they're getting the to the point where the repetition has a positive effect. Saturday will be a game we can't shoot ourselves in the foot. We've got to play more consistently, play better, eliminate costly penalties, tackle better and do the things offensively we've done the past few weeks. We've been good running the football, over 300 the other day and close to 200 the week before. It should be an awesome game to be at and they're a good team to play. We've beat them the last two years, so I'm sure that's on their mind and we see they're No. 14 and that's on our mind. So it should be a tremendous game to watch. Hopefully that place is packed. Like I said when we lost to Oregon, we feel responsible to our fans to get that place filled up and give them something to stick around and cheer for.

On the changes they've made:
It's a mindset. A mindset change. It's not necessarily how we play, its how we practice. It's not finding a next level. We've had repetition, doing the same thing, so less tolerance for errors on the practice field. Be perfect on the practice field. Its altering the mindset. It should be a great game and they're an excellent team.

On if they'll take a playoff approach:
You're trying to get me to say 'Must Win'. I don't like that term. We try to treat each game the same, but this game, there is an enhanced sense of urgency because there must be. I felt it today, felt it in meetings and the important thing is we feel it through the week.

On Arizona's offense:
They're so versatile. The quarterback and the way they're structured. Every play, they have three options and sometimes four. They're the epitome of a team that makes you defend the entire field every play. I think its about playing great technique. Playing each as well as you can. You have to limit and put a bandaid on.

On Arizona's running back depth:
Those two guys are really good. Probably not as big but powerful and explosive runners. They're a great tandem. Kadeem Carey and now these guys.

On Anu Solomon:
His mobility and ability to throw on the run makes that offense go. If he has a guy in the pocket who isn't a run threat, his offense isn't as good. He's got the pieces. They're top ten in the country in total offense and they'll be a great challenge for us.

On Arizona's 3-3-5 defense:
It's different in the way they stem around. Some of the rush patterns are different. They have some pretty good players and they're active. You talk about a great effort defense, they're a great effort defense.

On Paul Perkins:
He is playing consistently but not the most consistent. How can you overlook Jordan Payton, Jake Brendel or Mossi Johnson. Brett has been consistent. The guy is completing over 70% of his passes. But Paul is becoming extremely dependable. He's so smooth, I don't think we give him enough credit. He's fun to watch. He's like 4-5 yards away from 1,000, and that's great, I'm happy for him.

On the offensive line depth:
We always want to create a competitive environment. You mention Alex and Simon, but don't forget Kenny Lacy. I think there is enhanced competitiveness, but they're more confident. They've had a season where they've run the ball well. I see it in practice. That's the most committed group I've been around. Every spare minute, they're all packed in to Adrian's room. They eat all their meals in there. I don't know what they're doing, but they're always together and its neat to see them like that. We talked about it Sunday night, but its been a war of attrition this year. We're getting some guys back. I don't know that we're going to use Simon. We're going in to week nine and we haven't used him, you balance whether or not you're going to redshirt him. We're getting Alex back and we have Kenny Lacy. Even though Poasi hasn't seen the field, what we've seen from him, we're excited. Its a completely vibe from the last two years. Now knock on wood but we're hoping it continues that way.

On Alex Redmond finding a spot back in the lineup:
It could be an issue but its not with Alex because he just comes back and fights. He hasn't gone in the tank and his attitude has been outstanding. We put him in for some plays the other day. But when you're playing well, you don't necessarily want to change it. He gives us flexibility because Malcolm could move to tackle. Its helpful and we're at a better spot than we've been.

On if he feels more comfortable with Myles Jack playing defense with Paul Perkins emerging:
Yeah, I think that's a great observation. We go in to every game with a plan to play Myles and an idea that we're going to play Myles at running back. But when Paul and Jordon and Nate are running the way they are, that alleviates us. Last year we did it out of necessity. The great thing is he's always ready and when we do stick him in there, he's productive. I know for me, I'm kicking myself in the butt for not running him on 4th and 1. My buddy says to me after the game 'give the ball to Myles.' He's fun to have on our team.

On Thomas Duarte:
He's better and has a shot to play. It will be a gametime decision. What has helped us is the way Mossi has played in his absence. And Tyler Scott has really developed. Mossi played 80 plays the other day at receiver. I don't know if you saw Paul Perkins' 92-yard run, but the block that Mossi and Jordan Payton put on those guys was unreal. Mossi plays that way. We miss Thomas, but to have a guy like Mossi step up like that as a freshman is a good deal.

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