VIDEO: Perkins on 92-yard Run

OCT. 30 -- Running back Paul Perkins talks about the long touchdown run against Colorado and whether he has an extra gear...

Paul Perkins talks about his run against Colorado:

On closing in on 1,000 yards:
I'm determined and thankful for the line, they're doing great up front. I couldn't have asked for a better group of guys.

On how the 92-yard touchdown run felt:
Tiring. The elevation up there, I'm not used to it. About halfway, I got tired.

On timing the guy closing:
You don't. You try to. I wish I could lie and say there was an extra guy.

On the difference in the run game:
We're a special team and when the offense is rolling, we're on fire.

On Conor McDermott on the left side:
He's doing a great job. I couldn't have asked for a better teammate. I have a good relationship with him.

On if Arizona recruited him:

On if he's got more incentive:
It's just another game, a regular season game to play.

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