VIDEO: Klemm on McDermott, Holding Call

OCT. 28 -- Offensive line coach Adrian Klemm talks about Conor McDermott's development and the issues causing the holding penalties...

On Conor McDermott:
He's done really well. He's very coachable. A guy that hasn't played much football. He's a work in progress but like a clean slate. He doesn't have any really bad habits. He's not an error repeater and learns from his mistake. He doesn't make many. He's done a remarkable job for the amount of football he's played and he's only going to get better. We're aware of what he's capable of doing. His confidence is up, not just in his play, but in the physical ability to get through a game. He's really gotten more comfortable.

On Alex Redmond playing:
He's day to day, working hard and trying to get back on the field. He's close. But I want to have continuity and don't want a lot of moving parts, especially with Conor being new to it. Scotty is getting more comfortable. We'll just keep working hard and see how it goes. Him coming back is day to day, and how we'll approach it when he comes back, we'll deal with that when the time comes.

On if it's difficult given Redmond's experience:
You feel for him a little bit, but he's mature and he understands he's not really that healthy so he pushes through. We have some guys that are healthy and doing really well. Scotty is doing better every week and no one really talks about him cause he's not messing up. On the other side, Malcolm moved in there, but Kenny was doing well there.

On mitigating holding calls:
Sometimes you need more time to finish the play out. You can't anticipate when the ball is coming out, you just do your job. Sometimes those things are going to happen. We just have to do our job and play longer than the opponent.

On where Quessenberry has improved the most:
Just pulling and not getting lost on pulls. In the passing game, he is a little undersized. Our plan going in to the season was to redshirt him but because of necessity we had to play him. I know people get with moving positions but now you see why he moved positions. He's done a hell of a job. He's going against Malcolm Brown, who's going to be a No. 1 pick, and shutting him down. Now he has confidence in his decision making. Its enabled him to use his suddeness and to use his leverage. I'm just excited for him. Eventually he'll go back to center, but its another feather in his cap.

On Quessenberry's motivation with his brother fighting cancer:
No doubt, he's gotten better, but he's matured and there is a certain level of focus and you can tell he's playing for something. We had no pads today and he's flying around. He's playing with more passion than before. I'm really impressed with him.

On Arizona's defense:
They're 2-gap upfront. We just have to stay the course and stay on track. They're a solid front, bend don't break. We do what we do. If we execute that, we'll be hard to stop.

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