VIDEO: Ulbrich on McKinley

OCT. 29 -- Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich talks about the use of Takkarist McKinley and whether he has to adjust his play-calling when the offense is struggling...

On if he has to make adjustments defensively when the offense is struggling:
A little bit. I've said it before, we've developed enough talent here through recruiting, that we're able to rotate. I know a big fault of mine is I always want certain guys out there. Eric Kendricks, an amazing football player, we love him. But I have to find ways to help him out because if you're routinely getting 100 snaps, its not good as far as the entire season is concerned, or each particular game, especially when we have a guy like Kenny Young or Isaac Savaiinaea. We have to keep rotating our guys.

On Kendricks' performance against Colorado:
It was reflected by a great week of practice, probably the best practice I've ever seen him have in Westwood. He's a guy who has it and just keeps getting better. He's an amazing human being and the reason I got into coaching. He's hard working and becoming a great leader and keeps improving as a football player. To think he's a viable candidate for the Butkus Award is a big deal.

On if they subbed a lot in the NFL:
No, the NFL is a totally different game. For one, you have 45 guys that dress on gameday so you don't have a lot of backups. For two, you'll never take 100 snaps. Ever. You don't have two tempo offenses going against each other, you have a running clock. You score, and you're back on. It's a totally different game.

On why Tak McKinley didn't play as much against Colorado as he did against Cal:
It was a little bit of a matchup thing. At Cal, they gave us an opportunity to sub on third down, Colorado didn't do that as much. What we made an emphasis this week was to get him up to speed on all his calls, whereas before we were trying to limit his package to hone in on a few things. But now he's getting comfortable with everything and we can use him more.

On if they could have used McKinley more against Colorado:
It's hard because the thing about Colorado is the ball gets out so quick. Their offense is predicated on getting it out. They're averaging only 1.5 sacks per game in the Pac-12, and for a team that throws a lot, that says a lot about their team.

On Anu Solomon:
It doesn't get any easier in this conference. He definitely has brought a different facet to their offense. It's amazing to see his maturity and his understanding of the offense. The run-pass option goes to another level with him. It really goes to the quadruple option, because it's dive, pitch, quarterback run and on the run he can throw it. You have to play with great discipline and run your butt to the wall.

On gameplanning for RichRod's offense:
He does a great job schematically but at the same time, they've got some great players, receivers that are collectively, very good as a group. What's underrated is their running backs. Looking back last year, they ran for what, 200 yards? They have some running backs who can do that and an offensive line that has been doing it together.

On if it's unusual to see an offense succeed with numerous quarterbacks:
They've done a great job recruiting. The system speaks for themselves. Its a huge credit to them and their offense.

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