VIDEO: Mazzone on Offense

OCT. 31 -- Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about the use of Nate Iese and how he's developed in the offense...

On Arizona:
They're a good football team, the defense plays hard, they play with a lot of energy and run to the ball. You have to decipher a lot of different looks. They're the #12 team in the country and a heck of a football team. RichRod is one of the top offensive coaches in the country and one of the guys who really started this spread-tempo stuff so it will be a fun night.

On Arizona's 3-3-5 defense:
A lot of teams played it, Oregon, last week Colorado did, Cal has. A lot of teams play it. But they're really good at what they do.

On Nate Iese:
I'd like to get him the ball more, so hopefully on Saturday. There is kind of a progression for him. Number one is understanding fronts and blocking and I'd like to see him produce more yards with catches.

On where he is in his developing:
He's come light years from last year, KP has done a good job with him. I need to find a couple more like him.

On Mossi Johnson:
TD got nicked a little and Mossi jumped in at Cal and flashed a lot and last week. He's still a freshman and makes some freshman mistakes. The kid plays hard. He's a football player. He goes out and blocks.

On if he'll play when Duarte returns:
Yeah, he'll always be a factor.

On the running of Paul Perkins:
We've been running the ball the past few weeks, because of Paul and JJ has gone in there and Starks too. That's becoming a unit you're noticing in the game. I never realize how many yards we have until after the game.

On if his consistency will give Myles Jack less run:
Yeah, probably. We'll always have a little package for Myles. Some games we'll get to it. Like most of the plays I call, some of them work.

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