VIDEO: Goloman Talks Adjustments

OCT. 29 -- Freshman forward Gyorgy Goloman talks about the differences between Los Angeles and Hungary...

Gyorgy Goloman talks on Tuesday:

On the exhibition:
I'm really excited. It will be good to play against a different opponent. The team has been working hard. It will be fun. I hope a lot of people come out to watch us.

On getting adjusted to Los Angeles:
It's not hard to adjust to Los Angeles. Hungary is a whole different world, it's hard to explain, but I'm experiencing it. I like it a lot. I lived in Florida for a year, its pretty similar here, but I like it a lot.

On what he misses about Hungary:
I miss the food. The Hungarian food. American food is good, but I miss the homemade food.

On what he's eating to bulk up:
My favorite food here, I like wings a lot, I like Mexican food. Those are my go-to foods. It's good.

On where he'll play:
The four. Power forward is where I feel the most comfortable.

On who he compares to:
Pau Gasol, I compare myself. He's from Europe too. Passes the ball well, sees the floor.

On if there is a difference in basketball:
Its more faster here in America and in Europe, we put a lot of emphasis on plays and more knowing the game. Its faster and more athletic.

On the faster paced tempo:
I went to high school in Florida for my senior year, so I kind of got used to it, but I'm still adjusting it.

On the physical aspect:
It's been good. I still have to gain some weight and that's what I have to improve on. With coach, we talked about me weighing 220, and I'm 212 right now. So I'm looking to gain eight more pounds. I'm 6-10.

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