VIDEO: Hamilton Talks Point Guard

OCT. 30 -- Guard Isaac Hamilton talks about the 50/50 distribution of reps at point guard in practice...

Isaac Hamilton talks at press conference:

On being back in action:
Its a great feeling. I just can't wait to be back on the court on Friday. Its been a year, so I'm excited.

On how he kept his mindset after sitting out:
By the grace of God, honestly. Really realizing I'm out for the season. Just preparing myself. Coach Schilling, after practice, tightened up some schools and told me to be sure that I'm ready.

On if there is a difference:
Yeah, much different, there are way more reps. I'd get in last year for 2-3 minutes to be subbed, now, I have to call for a sub. So it's a big difference.

On his conditioning:
I think it's great. Way better. Coach, the way he plays the up and down system, I have to get in way better shape than I am now. I'm getting there, though, it's a process.

On being down in the backcourt:
Keep it being focused. Once you get tired, your legs get heavy on you and a shot might not fall in. It's basically concentration.

On how much he's handling the ball:
Really 50-50 with Bryce, alternating possessions. I'm a rebounding guy too so I'm pushing the ball.

On Kevon Looney at guard:
When he gets it, I already know my role. He's great. He gets in the lanes.

On flexibility on the roster:
A lot of times, me and Bryce go against each other in practice, so that's how we switch up the role at times.

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