VIDEO: Looney on Hip, Playing Guard

OCT. 30 -- Forward Kevon Looney talks about his freedom to push the ball off rebounds and how his hip feels...

Kevon Looney talked earlier this week:

On his hip:
It's feeling good. I've been back for a week or two now, back in shape and getting into rhythm. It's completely fine and I go to rehab every day for prevention.

On what the main issue was:
Range and motion, I couldn't really slide and it was real sore. It's pretty good now. A lot for safeties sake, I could have played through it, but coaches didn't want me to. But I'm 100% now.

On which hip it was:
It was the right hip.

On the exhibition game:
I'm really excited. It's my first time playing in Pauley and with a UCLA jersey on. I can't explain how excited I am.

On the team being back in Pauley Pavilion:
It's great. The locker room is amazing, the court is just amazing. There is a great feeling here. This was a reason I came here and to come back in here is tremendous.

On the men's gym:
I think I'm over that now.

On how he sees himself:
I see myself as a small forward. I can rebound so I'm comfortable as a power forward. I see myself as both.

On the freedom to push the ball:
It's coming out good. I did a lot of that in high school. Doing that here is a little transition. I can outlet or push it but I'm good at starting the break.

On what's the biggest thing he's gained from practice:
Learning the system. Mainly know where I'm going to score. Where I can find my teammates, working on my shooting. Being able to knock down open shots.

On his comfort in the system:
I'm comfortable dribbling the ball and handling it. We have great ball handlers, so I don't need to do it as much, but if I need to do it, I can.

On if there is pressure on him with the early entries to the NBA:
I guess its pressure, but I don't really think about it. I just come in and play. That's what I came here for. This is what I wanted and I'm ready for it.

On the bigger lineup:
It might not change as much, but if you bring in Wanaah, he might be the most athletic guy on the team. I'm comfortable bringing the ball up court. We have Norman and Bryce who can shoot.

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