VIDEO: Savaiinaea on New Role

OCT. 31 -- The linebacker Isaako Savaiinaea talks about playing both inside and outside now...

Isaako Savaiinaea answered questions during Arizona week.

On how his role has evolved:
I started off at middle backer and now they moved me to outside. Its been a good transition, just learning how to do my pass rush moves. But its been fun.

On when they moved him:
I think it was the Oregon game that they officially moved me over. I got some reps against Oregon and then this last game I got more reps. Wherever they need me, I'll go.

On his comfort level:
It's better. At first I wasn't too comfortable with it, but I've been there for a while now and feeling more comfortable with it.

On where he's at physically:
Right now, I'm right about where I want to be, about 228-230. I want to stay there.

On the limited opportunities at MLB:
Its more sound this year. This year you have a certain gap. I think it's changed for the better. I'm happy and more comfortable.

On if its more gap-conscious:

On if it's part of Ulbrich's philosophy:
Yeah, definitely.

On the team's mentality:
Our backs are against the wall, and you either win or you die, that's it.

On Arizona's offense:
They're a great team, every one in the country knows that, we just need to do what we do and we'll come out with the win.

On going against dual-threat quarterbacks in prepping for Anu Solomon:
Going against one of the greatest, Mariota, you can't get any better than that so we'll be ready for him.

On how they prepare for Solomon:
We just do our assignment. That's pretty much it. We emphasize doing our assignment and we'll have a great day.

On if there have been defensive breakdowns:
Every team has their breakdowns, no team is going to be perfect in their game. We always strive for perfect, but no team will ever get there, so we just try to play our best.

On looking forward to playing more outside:
Yeah, definitely.

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