Brown Visiting This Weekend

OCT. 31 -- The No. 1 player in the country, small forward Jaylen Brown, is starting his official visit to UCLA today...

The No. 1 player in the class of 2015, small forward Jaylen Brown, is starting his official visit to UCLA today, and will have the opportunity to watch the first game back in Pauley Pavilion after the summer flood.

Brown is one of the biggest priorities in the class for UCLA, as he possesses the versatility and athleticism to play guard or forward. His addition alone would raise the talent level on the team by a few notches.

Brown visits a week after small forward Brandon Ingram and center Stephen Zimmerman, two fellow five-stars in the 2015 class, took their official visits to Westwood. We've heard that both of those visits went well, with Zimmerman's mother effusive in her praise of Steve Alford and the more personal approach of the visit. The thinking is that Ingram and Brown would be unlikely to attend the same school, but UCLA would likely be ecstatic to get either.

Five-star power forward Carlton Bragg intended to visit this weekend, but we've heard that will no longer happen. Bragg apparently has academic issues that would likely preclude him from being admitted to UCLA. It's a bit of a blow, because it takes away one of the more likely bigs on the radar that UCLA still had a chance with. (Read below for more on Bragg's status from Brian Snow).

As it stands right now, the main uncommitted targets on UCLA's board for the 2015 class (in addition to Brown, Zimmerman, and Ingram) are five-star power forward Ivan Rabb, five-star center Caleb Swanigan, and four-star shooting guard Brandon Sampson, none of whom have, as yet, scheduled their official visits. Of the players UCLA is still recruiting who are uncommitted, only Ingram is expected to sign in the fall.

UCLA already has four-star point guard Aaron Holiday and four-star shooting guard Prince Ali committed in the class of 2015. Ali will take his official visit next weekend, while Holiday has not, as of yet, scheduled his. Both players are expected to sign in the November period.
More on Bragg's status from Brian Snow:

First of all I want to make this VERY CLEAR. I do not have Carlton Bragg's official transcript and I do not want to have his transcript, that is not my business. With that said here is what I know.

1) Carlton will not be visiting UCLA this weekend according to his mentor Mike Graves. According to Graves "The visit will be rescheduled. Date not yet determined." You can read into that however you want, I personally am taking Mike at his word on this one that a visit will happen, just not this weekend.

2) As stated in the other thread, I fully expect Bragg to qualify. Now he won't be on the honor roll and he isn't applying for status in Mensa, but he is expected to qualify and I have that on as good of authority as you can have.

3) Carlton goes to a LEGIT high school. Clark Kellogg went there, David Lighty went there, Dererk Pardon who is committed to Northwestern currently goes there, I mean it is a legit high school that has been certified by the NCAA since the beginning of time. The curriculum at his school is of no concern, all of those classes he is taking are more than fine.

4) I began hearing rumors last weekend that Bragg might not be making the visit due to his transcript. As I have stated, I don't know UCLA's qualifications for athletes. I don't pretend to know them, I don't pretend to know where Carlton stacks up to those requirements. I just know UCLA had some concerns, I would assume this means they have tougher requirements than what the NCAA has.

5) I wouldn't expect any other school recruiting Carlton to back off (and not saying UCLA has). As I stated barring a disaster of a SR year, he is expected to qualify.

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