VIDEO: Players after Exhibition

Nov. 1 -- Norman Powell, Kevon Looney, and Tony Parker talk after the win over Azusa Pacific...

Kevon Looney and Tony Parker talk after the exhibition:

Tony Parker:
On how new it felt:
Felt pretty new. First half was kind of rough. We played well in the second half and had more fun.

On passing more out of the post:
Yeah, because I'll demand a lot of attention. Getting our guys involved, hitting Kevon on the cut. It's going to be easy to pass them the ball. I felt in the first half, I was too passive.

On jitters from the freshman:
It was the first game, their first half. Kevon didn't hit a shot in the first half. I told him to calm down, have fun. He came out in the second half and played well.

On Kevon Looney:
He is an animal on the rebounds. I think I had one in the first half, but its great playing with a guy like that. They were so focused on Kevon. I had to tell him, I've got these. He is a good kid, and he goes hard at the rim.

On rebounding:
We're going to play teams that won't shoot as many threes, so there won't be as many long balls. On long balls we had to box out better. In the second half, we knew what we had to do. Thomas Walsh is 7-0, he's a great kid.

Kevon Looney
On how nevous he was:
I was pretty nervous, playing in Pauley for my first live game. I didn't know what to expect, but a lot of emotion for me for my first game. I was pretty nervous.

On getting his first field goal:
I usually don't suck that bad. I needed a field goal to get the confidence.

On the new team:
We've been playing not that long together. You don't know where everyone is going to be. Practice is practice, so it was a lot different. Coaches on the sideline, the crowd. It got better in the second half and we got better chemistry.

On if it clicked after his first shot:
I missed a lot of layups, so once I hit the first one, I needed to see the ball go in.
Norman Powell after the win:

On how new it felt:
Tonight felt really new. We have to feel each other out and adjust. It’s different playing with a new team. We have been going at each other for three weeks, so playing in a game situation is different, it’s going to get better. Offensively, it’s going to come together. We just have to play together more.

On the team meshing together:
I told the guys that we have to relax and stay positive, that the game will come to them. I kept giving them positive feedback. We are quiet right now, but as we get more comfortable with each other and trust each other on defense, I feel we will do more talking.

On his role this year:
My role is different than it’s been the last three years. I played behind some great players so my role was much different. Now that I know my role is the main option, it’s no different for me. I’ve been a scorer my entire life, so it’s easy for me fit into this role.

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