VIDEO: Mazzone on Offense, Hundley

Nov. 2 -- Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about the offensive performance and the play of Brett Hundley...

On if there was a conscious effort to keep it on the ground:
Yeah, you want to score 40 points every night, but you see how our defense is playing and it's awesome to play with our defensive coaches and to see how our kids are playing, so basically as an offense, you just want to control the football, play field position, control the clock. We had like 38 minutes of possession time. The way our defense was playing, hopefully dial up a couple big plays to put some points on the board. I was not happy with, and its been like three times, four times the past two weeks, our execution down in the red zone. That kind of always pisses me off. We move the football, and it's a penalty, or maybe a game plan or decision making, so we have to do a better job of finishing drives.

On if its the quarterback's fault:
It's my fault.

On how Hundley played:
I thought he managed the game. That's his job as the quarterback. Manage a game, made the plays when we had to have them. Of course, you have to hang on to the last one there, and he knows that. The game is done at that point when we make that first down, but then we give them another shot at it. He made some big throws for us, some big runs, converted for us. Coach Mora has broached the subject of penalties. Too many times, penalties are putting us in second and long, third and long, but he picked up some big first downs.

On if he's comfortable with him running more:
I kind of like it better when Paul and Starks run. I really like how Starks is becoming a factor. But any time you play a team that is drop eight team, most of those aren't called runs, but when they're a drop eight team, that's kind of what happens. When they're dropping eight to stop him from throwing the football, what did he rush for tonight, 150? Out of those 150, I think maybe three were called quarterback runs for us. That was a good win, right there, a good team win.

On when he misses guys downfield when he's running:
I don't know, you have to ask him. No one sees it at the angle he sees it. How many times have you watched a game on TV 'why didn't he throw it to that guy, he's wide open?' But we're not standing back and seeing it from his angle. His job is to move the chains and get us in the end zone. I have to do a better job in the red zone, and we have to execute better in the end zone. In the first half, we're down there three times, maybe four times, and get a field goal. That's not acceptable.

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