VIDEO: Ulbrich on Defensive Performance

Nov. 2 -- Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich talks about the team finally playing up to its potential...

On the defensive mood:
They had a great week of practice. I feel like the past three weeks, they've been building on something, gaining more confidence in what we're doing and I think today was a byproduct of that.

On Brett Hundley's performance:
Brett Hundley? I can't. I didn't even watch the offense tonight. I was trying to figure out the defense's next call is. I don't even pay attention to the offense.

On the defense's performance:
They played well. But it's got to be something we build on and grow from. It can't be a flash in the pain. We have to gain more consistency with playing well. That's going to come as they gain a better understanding with what we're trying to do defensively.

On the two early timeouts:
Coach Mora was talking about channeling our energy into our play. We have to become better. What we're giving opponents with penalties, it's going to hurt us and has hurt us this season so we have to eliminate it.

On edge containment:
They did a good job. The interior line, it starts with them, always. The fact that they played so well on the dive and the inside stuff, the outside guys didn't feel like they had to get out there so much. Whenever there is a breakdown on the inside, the outside tries to make up for them and it's a domino effect. The outside guys did a great job.

On stopping Anu Solomon:
They're an amazing offense and you watch them on tape, they have amazing success against virtually every defense. I think it's a thing where some people aren't as confident to man them up, but we have great confidence in our DBs. They wanted that challenge today, they asked for that challenge every time they came off the field, to keep us in man. We did quite a bit of that. And you can do that against a team like that, and it makes it easier on me to call the defense.

On Eric Kendricks only having a few tackles:
He's gaining such a great understanding of this defense. He's a guy that has felt the past three years he had to make every single play and doing that, sometimes, he had to sacrifice his own job. He's starting to gain more trust in the guys around him and as they trust, they'll play at a higher level.

On if the defense needed this game to reaffirm themselves after being gashed the past couple of weeks.
Gashed... We know who we are and our defense feels pretty confident in who we are. We've struggled but at the same time, we haven't lost one guy, which is saying a lot about their character. They keep coming out to practice with great attitudes and meetings with great attitudes and we'll keep building on what we're doing.

On if they felt a sense of urgency:
I don't know if the urgency was any better or worse. I think they've started to gain that the past four or five weeks. I felt like the past couple of weeks, when we got up and played well, we'd relax a little bit and take a deep breath. I felt like they kept their concentration up and their intensity up and they finished stronger tonight.

On keeping the momentum:
We keep doing what we're doing. There is no secret formula. We keep working and stay humble and we have a group of guys who've been doing that.

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