VIDEO: Hundley on Over-Thinking

Nov. 2 -- Brett Hundley talks about balancing thoughts of the NFL with making sure he still does what's necessary to win games now...

Brett Hundley after Arizona:

Opening statement:
At this point, it's all about winning.

On if he was trying to prove something:
I think that's part of it. When you want to go to the next level, you want to show people that you can do things and sometimes it changes your game. I think I sat down and had a deep conversation with my aunt. I just talked about my transition. People don't realize how much pressure there is. But when you think about what got you to this point, you have to stay on your foundation.

On if he had to have a conversation with Mora:
You have to, and I had to sit down with him and Coach Mazzone. Every day, we have those conversations. Even though there is a future ahead, you can't focus on it. It will really throw your game off. That's the conversation we have to have. Run it, throw it, do what we've got to. Now just win some games. That's just me talking. You may run or throw because you don't want to hurt yourself. Its a lot to deal with, but you have to say to him, I'm willing to do whatever to help this team.

On how hard it is to keep those thoughts out of his head:
Hard. You've got to and you've got to stay grounded. Sometimes you don't notice it either. Everything about you, those are the people you listen to. You know and people start telling you. And now, we got back to basics.

On if he had to take a step back:
I think last week I had to take a step back and evaluate everything. This year, I've shown a lot. At the end of the day, I know what got me here, running the ball and throwing the ball.

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