VIDEO: Jack on Penalties

Nov. 2 -- Myles Jack talks about what went on with the penalties on the first drive of the game...

Myles Jack talks about the game:

On the game for the defense:
That was the No. 4 offense in the country and for us to contain them like they did. They only scored off of a penalty from myself. Towards the end, we held them to a field goal and they missed it, again, we held them to a field goal and we blocked it. That's the type of defense we've had this entire year. You saw a little bit of it against Arizona State but you saw a full game of it tonight. That's pretty much what we need to do, week in and week out. That's what it looks like. That's what we feel it looks like. Hopefully it looks right to you guys. That's our idea of what the defense should look like.

On what Ulbrich said to him after the penalties:
He just said to keep my head cool. I have to do better with that. I guess I'm a target. But I'll do better with that, I'll grow up, and mature and not let that happen again. The worst part was it led to points. That's what stuck to me. My actions led to that. That really could have been a fourth down and they could have punted it. We could have held them to a field goal, but because of my actions, it led to that. He wasn't mad, he was like 'I understand' you have to manuever it in the right alleys.

On what he means when he says he's a target:
People are going to say stuff to me, tempt me. It's not my attitude, but who I am, and I usually don't let stuff slide like that, but moving forward I'm going to have to learn how to do that and smile and play through the whistle and talk through my pads.

On if an Arizona player said something:
He did. He did. It wasn't nice at all and I didn't think it was too kind, so I said something back and the flag was thrown on me. Its always the second man that gets caught.

On if this is a performance they can build off:
Most definitely, it's really what we've been looking for all season. We've been yearning for it and practicing for it and we finally brought it for Arizona in a pivotal point in our season. If we lose this game, it hurts. And with two losses, we're 7-2, we beat Arizona, who's a talented team. What their offense has done, it's big for our defense.

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