Mora's Sunday Teleconference

Nov. 2 -- Jim Mora talks more about the defensive performance last night and Takkarist McKinley's development...

Do you have any different assessments of the defense after watching the film?

No, they played very very well. We covered well, we stopped the run well, and we pressured the quarterback well, and we tackled well. We were pretty clean in our assignments and our responsibilities and I think the result was a pretty darn good output.

Facing that type of offense, is taking the run away almost like step one?

It absolutely is. They’re a team that, although they spread you out, they love to run the football, and they’ve got a good running quarterback and a couple of very good running backs. And I think if a team like that, that’s so versatile, is able to run the football on you, they’ve got you in a lot of either/or situations, it makes it difficult to call a game. When you can eliminate one phase of their game with some consistency, then maybe you can create a little more predictability, and that helps your whole game.

Everything good with Kenny Clark?

With regards to what?

It looked like he got dinged up at the end of the game.


Brett said that he kind of assessed his play in the last few weeks and said that he needed to run more for the good of the team. Have you had conversations with him about that?

Not really. I’ve talked to him a lot about a lot of things, but not that in particular.

Did it seem like he wanted to show through the early part of the season that he had improved his pocket presence?

I don’t know, I mean you’d have to ask him. I haven’t talked to him about that either.

It was kind of hard to tell from the press box with the new jerseys, but it looked like Thomas Duarte was dressed for the game…

He was.

Did he get in?

No. We had him in case of an emergency, and the plan was to try not to use him, and we didn’t have to. He should be a full go this week though.

Were the numbers intended so we couldn’t see who was on the field?

Ha, no. When we design those uniforms, we have no idea whether it’s going to be a day game or a night game.

How has Takkarist McKinley’s progress been in picking up more of the defense and potentially getting involved in more packages?

He’s really coming along well. I think that he knows what to do in every call, I’m not sure yet that he knows exactly why he’s doing what he’s doing, but that comes with experience. I’m not sure that he understands how everything fits around him yet, but I’m sure that will also come with experience. But in terms of his knowledge of his responsibility in our defense, it’s been very good. I’ve been very impressed with his progress.

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