VIDEO: Jack Talks about "Running Backer"

NOV. 3 -- Going into the Washington game, Myles Jack talked about playing both running back and linebacker, and how the UCLA staff asked him to switch to running back fulltime...

Myles Jack took questions from the media Monday.

On going back to Washington:
It should be fun going back up there. I went to high school there, my mom will be there, my brother. It will be fun to go up and see them.

On if the finger-licking incident last year has been forgotten:
I doubt it is.

On what it was about:
It was emotion. It was immature, looking back on it. It was my emotions. At the time I thought it was appropriate.

On why he picked UCLA over Washington:
The tilt was really just UCLA was the total package for me. With Coach Mora and what they were bringing to the table, the academics, the weather, the sun every day, I cherished that. Just being in LA, that's what brought me here.

On if Washington fans weren't happy:
I'm sure there is. I hear about it whenever I go back home. People will always say stuff, fans from other team. You just take it in stride. I don't get into it. Its a matter of opinion. I laught about it. I'm at where I'm at. I can't go back and change. I'm not upset with my decision by any means. I felt like it was the best decision. If they can't respect that, that's too bad for him.

On if there is still bad blood with a new Washington coaching staff:
I don't feel any animosity. I know the guys there, I'm playing against my former teammate, Budda Baker, and that's going to be fun. There is no animosity. Its another game for me.

On if emotions will run higher:
I talked to Coach Mora about this, this will definitely be a week where you'll see my emotions get tested at the highest of highs. I will work on it and I promise not to do something that will get seven points put on the board like last week. I'm sure buttons will get pushed, and I may push a couple myself. As far as 15-yard penalties, and stuff that will hurt the team, that won't happen.

On how different he is in withholding emotions:
I've definitely learned but I think I've become a target this year. People test me so I have to work on not saying something back. If you say something to me, I'll say something back. If you don't, I won't say anything. That's just how I am. I'm working on it. I've talked about it with my mom and Coach Mora.

On Shaq Thompson:
He's a phenomenal athlete. Kudos to him, I guess we're the only ones doing it right now. He knows how it feels to go back and forth and do two different playbooks and twice the snaps. I guess there is only two of us. We're making the most noise for doing it and I give it up to him.

On if he wants to run the ball more against Washington because of Thompson:
I definitely think there will be a little more competition between us, to see who's the best runningbacker. I think it will be cool. Hopefully he'll be on defense. I think that's good for the game and will make it interesting. I take it as a challenge, I'm not jealous. He's successful and I think that's awesome. I'll see where I measure as a runningbacker.

On if they're unique or if their coaches take advantage of it:
I can't speak for other programs, but I was talking to Eddie Vanderdoes and Shaq actually played Bellevue High School when Grant came up to Bellevue. I remember watching him and he played a running back, but that's when he was mostly safety. I'm sure there are other athletes like that but maybe they don't want to do it or their coaches aren't with that. Its about the trust your coaches have. He did the same thing I did, jumped right in, and was successful at it.

On if he knows Shaq Thompson:
Yeah, he actually hosted me on my official visit. We text every once in a while. We haven't been texting throughout the season, but during the summer I was asking him if he was going to do it and he said he was. There is no ill will or anything. I definitely respect anyone who's doing that because it takes a lot to go both ways. Its a lot of pressure and its tough. We could start our own little club, make a shirt, maybe collaborate on something at the next level. You've seen what he's done. He had 150 against Colorado last week. He's good.

On how much he benefited against little film of him running the ball last year:
People don't know what he can do. Until you go against him, you'll earn that respect. Teams have kind of earned that respect from me. I remember against Arizona, I'd seen the linebackers as soon as I came in, and they were coming in hot. I think more and more. this is probably his last year, he's probably going to the league. He's more with the offense. I have a package, but he's with the offense. I just have a certain package I do. Different scenarios, but we're both making it happen.

On if he tells the coaches he can go in other formations:
I'm more of a defensive player, that's where my heart is. They've definitely brought it up to me 'do you want to play running back' and I feel like I have to find a happy medium. Last week was a good healthy medium, where I could do enough but not take off on defense. Its hard, it's not an easy thing to do.

On how his body feels going both ways:
You're taking more hits and you're pretty sore after the game. You're taking extra plays and taking an extra hits.

On if its better to be the hitter than the hittee:
For sure, every time.

On if the staff asked him to move to running back full time:
Yeah, they brought it up. Coach KP asks me pretty much every week if I want to do it. The offensive lineman joke with me. Its definitely been mentioned but I feel defense is my calling.

On if he's given it any thought:
I've definitely given it thought, if enough people say it, you're definitely thinking about it. But I wouldn't be in it for the right reasons, it would be glam and glitz and being in the newspaper. That's not where I'm at. I want to play defense.

On if it helped him for the NFL:
Than I would definitely consider it. If it came from a credible source, I'd give it thought. I'm blessed with the ability to do both. I'll ride it as long as I can take it. I have options.

On what feels better:
Definitely scoring points for your team will feel good. I'd have to go with a long touchdown. Defense is my calling but if I can put points on the board.

On what the defense did against Arizona:
We finally did our jobs. We didn't really have answers, but we finally put it together. Everyone stepped their game up. We knew it was a big game. November is a big part of your season and we felt it was do or die time. We put it on the line and it paid off.

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