Hundley on Defenses Taking Away Deep Ball

NOV. 3 - Quarterback Brett Hundley explains how and why the offensive gameplan has adapted to the run and short passes...

Brett Hundley talked to the media the week of the Washington game.

On the Arizona film:
They were dropping a lot and we actually got to take advantage of the 1on1 on the outside. We had a couple shots with Fuller and JP and threw to JP twice downfield. We had some shots and opportunities and came up with a big one and that sort of helped us.

On if its always on his mind to throw downfield:
If we can make it one and done with the pass, I'll take it. But if I have the intermediate routes, I'll take it.

On why defenses keep doing it:
I hope its out of respect for the passing game.

On Washington's defense:
Very fast defense, a great player in Shaq Thompson. He's playing on both sides of the ball. Their coaches coach them up well. Its gonig to be a tough game for us. You can't take anyone in this conference lightly.

On how much less he'll have to worry about Thompson if he's playing defense:
A lot less. I've seen him play running back as well, so we'll see what they do. Their defense in general is a good one.

On if having Myles similate Thompson helps:
Yeah. To have Myles, just in the UA game, to pick up a first down, makes it a lot easier.

On his confidence level:
It helps just to know that we can pick up a win against a top tier opponent. At the same time, we have to stay even keel about this. We have a bye after Washington and hopefully we can ride a high into the bye.

On what he's thinking when he runs:
Basically picking up the yards and keeping the chains moving. Like I said, when you drop eight into zones, sometimes you have to check down, but when you're running, it's all about first downs.

On Washington's defensive line:
Their defensive line is great. It's going to be a big challenge. I know our offensive line is up for it.

On Arizona keying on Myles Jack on offense:
I think there is a lot of respect for Myles. When he's in the game, he's in for a reason, and he's going to make some special things happen for us.

On if his eyes light up when all eyes are focused on Jack:
Yeah. When you have attention on one person, it allows for plays for everyone else.

On if he knew they asked Myles to play offense full time:
Really? I'm glad he stayed on defense. He's a good linebacker. He's a good running back too.

On the punishment Myles Jack takes:
Even being a quarterback, I don't take nearly as many hits, but it does put a tear on your body. Just him keeping his body healthy is huge.

On why they've been so good on the road this year:
Resilience. When you go on the road and in a hostile environment, and its you against everyone else, you have that urge to get out of their with a W.

On the offensive line's improvement:
They've been playing well the whole year but these past couple of games, we've seen a transformation and things are clicking. They've done a good job until this point and they'll continue to do their thing this season.

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