Rosen Talks UCLA Official Visit

NOV. 4 -- Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco quarterback Josh Rosen has been to UCLA countless times and this time did some recruiting on his visit...

Josh Rosen is a longtime UCLA commit and currently rated the No. 1 signal caller in the nation. Despite some heavy losses to graduation, the Braves are sitting at 8-1, ranked No. 1 in the state by

Rosen has made major improvements as a senior in the areas of leadership and maturity. He has always had the NFL arm and could throw with touch and accuracy but has improved as a runner, not just in designed runs but in his ability to escape pressure and extend plays.

Rosen was originally set to visit UCLA two weeks ago but moved the trip back to this past weekend to coincide with the visits of key receiver targets Ryan Newsome and Christian Kirk.

"I've been to UCLA a ton of times so I didn't really see anything new," Rosen said. "The biggest difference was how much food we ate and not having to pay for any of it this time around. Watching the team prepare for the game and being in the locker room and down on the field before the game was pretty incredible too.

"The UCLA players do an amazing job at tuning out the outside world and getting focused for a game. There is so much talent in that locker room, especially young talent, and they only graduate a handful of players. Those guys love to play the game and play with so much passion and energy. They're starting to hit their stride right now and hopefully they keep it going and finish with a bang."

Rosen said his host was Taylor Lagace but he hung out with a large group of players.

"I was with Ryan, Christian and Cameron Scarlett the whole time," Rosen said. "Each of our hosts were friends so we all hung out together. Jordan Payton, Logan Sweet and a few others showed us around and we had a good time. There weren't any parties on campus so we kept it pretty mellow and just hung out at Jordan's house.

"We had breakfast at Coach (Jim) Mora's house and then went down to the beach for a while. Sunday night we had one final dinner and headed home. I have a great relationship with Coach Mora, the Mazzones and really the entire staff. I talk with Taylor Mazzone all the time, not just football but life. It's cool but we're very real with each other. I can be blunt, probably too much, but I'll ask about certain protections or why they run certain plays on down and distance, and I can't wait to work with everyone once I get there."

Rosen said he already has a strong relationship with Kirk but was able to bond well with Newsome and Scarlett as well.

"By the end of the trip, we were all good friends," Rosen said. "Christian has been to UCLA before so he knew what to expect but I think it was pretty eye-opening for Ryan and Cameron. I talked to them a lot about coming to UCLA. They're great players and, of course, you want to surround yourself with as much talent as you can.

"They're not just great players but awesome guys too, so we'll see what happens. Christian keeps a pretty good poker face going so you never know what he's thinking. I think Ryan and Cameron liked it a lot and my mom talked a lot with Cameron's mom so, like I said, we'll see what happens. But I would love to play with all of them."

Check out senior highlights of Rosen below:

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